Would Men Watch Soccer or Rather Play Online Bingo at Bongos?

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For whatever reason, bingo games have been relegated to within the walls of the older generation. In some cases, bingo games are even simply written off as a game exclusively played in care home and nothing else. Which is sad, because the reality is that bingo games are incredibly dynamic. Indeed, bingo games at Barbados Bingo have practical uses in a wide range of different fields. 

For example, the Germans used bingo games exclusively to teach children core mathematical principles. Bingo games are also used as team building exercises. Men are historically left out of bingo games altogether, seemingly preferring slots or poker. But would men watch soccer or rather play online bingo at Bongos? Read on to find out more. 


What Exactly is Online Bingo? 

First of all though, what exactly is online bingo? It’s bingo games, played through an online casino. Online bingo has garnered great popularity recently due to the rise of the online casino, and improved accessibility across multiple devices. People can now play bingo games anywhere, anytime, and it’s opened a whole new world for a whole new market. 

If you’ve played bingo games in the regular bingo hall setting and found it exciting, then you must give online bingo a go. Bingo online has even more special features than you would ever find in a traditional bingo hall like online bingo chat rooms with their own specific chat. These are filled with various prizes for you to win outside of the bingo games too! 

What is Bongos Bingo?

Founded in 2015, Bongos Bingo was created to provide an interactive and more exciting bingo games experience. It’s set with a nightclub experience in mind too, and the aim to bring in a younger audience has definitely been achieved. Bongos Bingo has been instrumental to bringing bingo games to a younger audience in fact, and it’s a favourite amongst young adult men. 

Bongos Bingo nights out happen all over the world, and as it’s not just bingo that happens here either. With Bongo Bingo there are dance offs, intervals with raving and live performances throughout. Bongos Bingo recently launched their service online too, and this has attracted even more attention. 

The History of Bongos Bingo

To recap, Bongos Bingo was founded around five years in 2015, and since then the company has gone from strength to strength. The first events that Bongos Bingo held took place in Liverpool, and here the company quickly garnered a cult following. These Liverpool events also got a load of young people into bingo games in the process. 

So the ultimate answer to the ultimate question – would men watch soccer or rather play online Bongos Bingo games? It’s a tough one to answer, but with the rise of men playing bingo games coupled with the fun nightclub experience that Bongos Bingo has to offer… We would dare say it’s likely a draw! Why not head over to your nearest online casino and try Bongos Bingo out for yourself? 

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