Useful tips to make more money & travel the world

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Many people long to be able to work less and travel more. Unfortunately, travel isn’t an inexpensive dream and you’ll need to have the income necessary to make it possible. The good news is that there are many ways to boost your funds and allow you to get out and see the world around you. Try any or all these ideas and put money in the bank while you experience new and exotic locations.

Travel Blogging

If you have above average writing skills and enjoy the written word, your calling may be in travel blogging. To do this job well, you must travel to various places and then write about them for your own personal blog or as a guest blogger on other travel websites. Often your travel expenses are covered by the publication you’re writing for and you’ll be bringing in money for your work.

Cafe or Restaurant Work

There are restaurants all over the world and many of them are always looking for good servers. One great way to see more of the world is to get a job in a restaurant for a short time, saving your tips until you have enough to move on to the next place.

Surfing Instructor

If you’re a surfer, you can get paid to teach others how to surf and see plenty of beachside places in the process. Some surfing instructors are paid to teach at exclusive seaside resorts, while others can do their teaching on board a cruise ship. Not only can you hang ten at some of the best places in the world, but you can cash a paycheck while you do so.

Cruise Ship Employment

Employees who work on a cruise ship have the opportunity to see and explore many places. Jobs aboard a cruise ship include serving food, bartending, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, and much more, so there’s likely a job for just about anyone.

Travel Industry

There is a variety of ways to work in the travel industry and see more of the world at the same time. Perhaps you could work as a flight attendant or pilot or maybe you can be a travel agent who has insider information on places everywhere. Perhaps you work in tourist locations during the peak season as a restaurant worker, housekeeper, or ticket taker.

Volunteer Work

Volunteers are needed everywhere and there is a huge number of trips you can take that enable you to see new places while also contributing your skills and time to a worthy cause. Traveling for charity work encompasses many ways to give back, including building homes and schools, delivering food and water to needy people, providing medical care, and much more.

Work Exchange

A work exchange program enables you to travel in exchange for working short or long-term jobs while you’re in various locations. Perhaps you teach English, work in an office, or become a nanny or au pair with a traveling family. Whatever you choose to do, this is a viable way to earn a living and travel at the same time.

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