Unusual Items to Pack for Your Travelling Adventure

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Going travelling? There is a good chance that you have already scoured the web for advice on what to bring (and what not to bring) with you, but there are a few unusual items that most of these lists are missing that could drastically improve your experience. In addition to suitable clothing, toiletries, a towel, your camera, footwear, money belt, a notepad, games, necessary documentation and a first-aid kit, what else could you bring along?

Duct Tape

You will be amazed at just how often you end up using duct tape if it is available to you. It may be used rarely at home, but whilst travelling it can serve many purposes, including securing your backpack, patching tears in footwear (it does happen!) or for removing lint from clothing.

Rubbish bags

Rubbish bags also serve a range of purposes and take up little room, so be sure to pack a few for your next trip. They can be used to keep your dirty laundry in, as a dry place to sit, as a rain poncho amongst various other purposes.


Swiss Army Knife

Despite being an incredibly useful tool, many people do not use a Swiss Army Knife and it is the perfect item for travelling. Opening a bottle of wine or beer, peeling potatoes, replacing screws, cutting string, opening cans and removing splinters are just a few purposes that this great tool can serve. Remember to keep it in your check luggage at the airport though.

Safety Pins

Safety pins can be used as a temporary fix for rips in clothing, but also for closing gaps in blinds, to secure zips in bags, to reset electronics among dozens of other handy purposes.

Power Bar

These days, travellers have a handful of electronics that will need regularly charging. Instead of rotating devices and arguing over who gets to use the outlet, a small power bar can allow you to charge all of your devices at once which can save a huge amount of time and ensure that you always have charge.

Reusable Water Bottle

Without one one these, you will find yourself having to spend huge sums on bottled water every single day. Filling up a large re-usable bottle each day will save a fortune and provide you with plenty of drinking water (as well as a bit of water for washing if you need). Be sure that the tap water in the country you are in is drinkable before filling up!

Flip Flops

Even if you are travelling to countries with a cold climate, flip flops are a must. You certainly do not want to be walking around hostel showers or bathrooms barefoot or in your expensive walking shoes, but a cheap pair of flip flops will keep your feet clean and dry and are also handy for hot weather.


A scooter may seem like an odd item to bring with you, but it is a fantastic decision if you are planning on doing a lot of walking on your trip (which you will be with most backpacking adventures). Many backpackers suffer from severe pain in their feet, legs, hips and back from walking too much, but MGP scooters will save you from this and can also be a faster (and more fun) way to get around.


A deck of cards is a great way to keep you entertained for those long waits at the airport, lengthy journeys and nights in at the hostel. Whether you are playing solitaire, learning a magic trick or playing a drinking game, a deck of cards is a must whilst travelling. They are a great way to make new friends at the hostel as everybody knows a few games, plus you may even learn a new one or two.

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