Travel on Debt?

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For most people traveling means leisure and holiday and taking a loan just to enjoy a few days in another country or just lying on the beach doesn’t make too much financial sense.

Just the thought that you will have debt on your name is crippling and is most of the times the best excuse not to travel. However, we have some great news for you. Even if you can’t afford more than a trip to the supermarket, there are a bunch of reasons to follow your heart and go on adventures in distant places.

Traveling as inspiration

If you are in a more creative domain, like writing, design or painting, coming in contact with different cultures and people can really upgrade your knowledge, the vision of life and ultimately your creation. Of course, you could look at albums, movies, and videos about distant places, but there is something into feeling the vibe of a city that inspires and leads to creating real artwork. It is similar to what painters did when they traveled to Paris or Vienna to study technique, meet other artists and collaborate.

Traveling instead of college

If you said that you are going to get a loan of $40K to travel the world for the next three or four years, most people would say that is pure madness. Yet, this is the average student debt, and most likely the diploma you get at the end comes with no warranties of a job that could help you pay back the money.

On the other hand, traveling for a few years, coming in contact with different cultures, learning new languages along the way, and getting hands-on experience can make a huge difference.

The good news is that even people with fair credit can get a personal loan, you don’t need to be on top of your financial game. The courageous ones found out how to get a loan here.

Traveling as a way to minimize living costs

This sounds very unintuitive, but some cities have become so crowded and expensive that it makes more sense to rent the place you have there and use the money to travel to cheaper destinations. For example, you would only need $2,000/month in Bali to have the same standard of living you would get for $7,800 in San Francisco.

Also, just imagine waking up every week with a different view of your room, discovering new places, food, and stories. It is almost impossible not to feel energized, inspired and happier.

Travel as therapy

The current rhythm of life can have a long-lasting adverse impact on our mental well-being. Through our evolution, we were not designed to spend up to 12 hours in a car or office. We were created to roam free, explore and discover. Therefore, one of the best cures for depression and getting over dark episodes in our lives is to travel.

If you consider that the average cost of one therapy session is $75-100, traveling looks like a more pleasant alternative with enhanced benefits.


Inspiration, experience, minimizing living costs and escaping depression are just a bunch of all possible reasons for traveling. It is a life-changing experience, so much that it is worth going into debt for it. Of course, we don’t advise you to jump right it and pack $20K in debt just to see the world, but to take a moment and think about this opportunity.

Never let excuses be stronger than your dreams. Make a plan, think about how this journey would benefit you, create a revenue stream or secure jobs along the way and only then take the leap.

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