Travel checklist for 2019

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With the winter nights drawing in and the Christmas preparations underway, you maybe fantasising about your next escape. We’ve prepared our top tips on where to travel in 2019 for that perfect break:

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is definitely having a moment. Travellers have long visited the country for its diverse mix of religions and cultures, its breath-taking temples, and its accessible wildlife. This is certainly a country revived, and its people are incredibly welcome and friendly despite their decades of civil conflict. Sri Lanka is now offering more for families, eco-tourists, foodies, and adventure seekers than ever before, and there are options to suit all budgets. Areas that were once off limits in Sri Lanka are becoming more and more accommodating to holiday-makers.

Travel checklist for 2019


2019 is a great time to visit Japan, particularly as it hosts the 2019 Rugby World Cup in September. Whilst there are obvious tourist magnets, head to Kobe if you’re looking for something a little different. It’s a host city, less than an hour from Kyoto, and it’s a far cheaper place to stay. The area is preserved beautifully and has recently become known for being a vibrant hub of fashion, art, and culture. Foodies have also been attracted to Kobe for its famous marbled beef.


Germany has long been known for its innovation: the printing press, the automobile, the aspirin – the list goes on. In 1919, a school in the Thuringian countryside began an aesthetic movement which is still impactful on art and culture today: the Bauhaus. Visit Germany in 2019 to celebrate the year-long birthday party of this movement: its beginnings, its flourish, and its struggles during the Nazi regime. Weimar, Dessau, and Berlin are opening new museums to celebrate the Bauhaus – get there early!


The Turkish city of Istanbul is recently experiencing a revival, with British tourists visiting the city more than they have in recent years. In autumn 2018, Istanbul was the top trending destination for UK travellers on Airbnb, a growth of 141 per cent, and this progress is set to continue into 2019. In particular, visit the Karaköy neighbourhood for its historic buildings and picturesque waterfront location.


Belarus is often considered a hub for those seeking the obscure. Recently Belarus has been deemed a particularly cool place to visit, a product of relaxed visa requirements and a quietly-good art and culture scene. Minsk has a new 30-day visa-free regime which you should take advantage of in 2019. Visit its impeccably restored Old Town, as well as the city’s fashionable cocktail bars and summer street parties. Minsk is also the host of the 2019 European Games.

Closer to home

If you can’t commit to a lengthy or pricey holiday, why not explore areas of London you aren’t familiar with? The vibrant Shepherds Bush in West London is becoming ever fashionable and is well connected to Notting Hill, Kensington, and the West End. Why not try hotels in Shepherds Bush?

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