Top Tips for Planning a Winter Cruise Holiday

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There is no greater time for a vacation than during the cold, drizzly and dark winter months. This is the perfect opportunity to get away for a while, soak up some sun and see some fantastic new places. One terrific way to do this is with a winter cruise; this will allow you to see many new places, meet new people, indulge in luxury and make the journey a part of the holiday.

If you are embarking on a winter cruise, here are a few preparation tips to ensure that you get the most out of your holiday.

  1. Research your options

Like any vacation, it is important to research your options to find a holiday best suited to your needs. There are dozens of winter cruise itineraries to choose from to areas all around the world, so select somewhere that intrigues you. Remember, temperatures vary greatly in different areas so research this if you are chasing the sun. Areas like the Mediterranean, Canary Islands and Caribbean are popular choices for winter cruises.

  1. Compare prices

Once you have decided where you would like to go, it is vital that you compare deals and do not go with the first offer that you find. You can do this by visiting independent cruise travel agencies, such as Planet Cruise. These agencies find the best and widest variety of deals available.

Top Tips for Planning a Winter Cruise Holiday

  1. Shore Excursions

Although spending time on the cruise ship is a large part of the vacation, the shore excursions are half of the fun and are your opportunity to experience each port town. Your cruise liner will organise shore excursions for each stop for an additional cost, but you can also arrange your own. Booking with the cruise liner will alleviate stress, but be sure to fully research each one to see if you are interested. You may find that you would prefer to explore the area yourself.

  1. Online Reservations

Every cruise liner comes with a wide array of luxury facilities and amenities and this can make your winter holiday that little bit more special. In order to avoid waiting around, make online reservations for restaurants, spa treatments and other activities in advance of the holiday.

  1. Packing Tips

What to pack will depend on where you are headed, but make sure that you pack a variety of casual, formal and comfortable clothes as there are often dress codes. You can find plenty of great tips for packing online.

With these tips, you winter cruise should be a fantastic vacation and great escape from the gloomy weather.


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