Top Reasons To Visit Australia

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Even though Australia is a bit far away from Europe or USA, this doesn’t make it an unpopular holiday destination. Australia is famous for its’ beautiful nature and landscapes, wildlife rich with many interesting animal species, amazing beaches and, of course, kangaroos. These and many more reasons created the great reputation Australia has! And learning more about it just convinces us to believe the fact that this continent is a real heaven for vacations. So, if you’re ready to take a long flight in order to visit this amazing place, read on and learn more about the best of the best that Australia offers!


1.    Sydney

Sidney is one of the biggest cities in Australia. It’s a relaxing place famous for opera house and harbor, beautiful parks and surfing. There are also many fun things you can do. But, for the beginning, take a walk through the city and enjoy the sun and water. If you’re with your family, don’t miss the chance to taste the delicious food you can find in many family friendly restaurants. If you’re a nightlife lover, the clubs in Sydney won’t disappoint you.


2.    Uluru

Uluru is a sacred area with a huge round rock that spans over eight kilometers of the land. Climbing it is a real challenge and tourists are lucky that locals allow them to do this. It’s a breathtaking sight, especially during the sunrise and sunset, when the iron inside the rock produces beautiful shades of red and orange.


3.    The Astonishing Beaches

Without a doubt, Australia has one of the most amazing sea coast on the world. There are many different types of beaches and islands you can explore, such as Queensland island with white sand and palms. Also, you can search the Western Australia for hidden caves with crystal-clear water. Even if you’re staying in a big city, you’ll be seeing long and beautiful beaches every day!


4.    Kangaroo Island

If you love wildlife and landscapes, then this place in South Australia is the one you’ll want to see. Since there are no natural predators in this area, many species live in peace and visitors can enjoy them! There’s everything from kangaroos and koalas to whales and dolphins.


5.    Perth

Perth is another city in Australia, filled with young people and energetic atmosphere. Not many foreign tourists know about it, because Melbourne and Sydney grab all the attention. But, it’s a place with beautiful beaches and world’s largest city parks. If you’re a surfer, Perth is a perfect destination for you. It’s also a perfect destination if you love beer – because in Fremantle you can get the Australia’s best beer!

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