Top 5 Amazing and Underrated Greek Places to Visit

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Travelling to Greece usually means spending your holiday in some well-known, long time touristic and famous place. There are a lot of amazing and popular places that tourists can visit and, quite often, their choice depends on the budget available. The main reason why people trust the already popular Greek places is because the hosts’ investments in tourism had boosted the touristic development and had spread the range of activities and fun things the tourists can do. For example, many places offer the mixture of pure nature and modern luxury. You can rest, enjoy the beautiful beaches and nature, rent a luxury catamaran and experience the amazing nightlife in just one place.

However, there are less popular, but amazing and beautiful places which have just started the path of becoming popular touristic destination. Lesser popularity means less people. And less people means less crowd. Locals are usually more friendly and because of the great potential and lack of popularity, you can spend a great holiday for cheaper prices.



Evia is a beautiful Greek island and the second largest. If you wish to truly relax and enjoy the nature, walks, views, excellent beaches and clear sea or visit the architectural monuments, visit Evia. During the season, most of the tourists are Greeks. Also,  Evia is the proof that to rent a yacht in Greece doesn’t always go along with famous and rich places only.  You can enjoy cruising through the beautiful crystal waters of this island and visit the nearby islands such as Skiathos, Skopelos or Alonissos.



Karpathos is the Greek island very rich of the country’s history and tradition. You can here have a glimpse in the past of Greece. Villagers in Karpathos have traditional houses and are wearing traditional clothes, so you will feel like you really are travelling back to time. Mountains are surrounding this place, so if you’re an adventure that love the great view, visit Karpathos!



This small city is the capital of Epirus and is located on Lake Pamvotida. Ioannina shines with natural beauty and it’s style is made of interesting mixture of Christian, Jewish and Islamic influences. Attractions you should visit here are Veli Pasha Mosque, the House Matei Hussein and Byzantine churches.



If you’re a lover of Greek music, be sure to check this place! Naxors offers great beaches and Greek history, but the music is the main reason tourists are visiting this place. The main attraction are the free live shows almost every night where you can enjoy Greek music and old songs that are generations and generations old.



Sumy is an island in Dodecanese, a place surrounded by mountains, with seductive beaches, interesting architecture and amazing harbor. If you’re in a good form and ready to climb a little more than usual, but you wish to relax and enjoy the nature, beauty and peaceful atmosphere, travel to Sumy!

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