Top 10 Reasons to Visit New Zealand

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As anyone who has seen The Lord of the Rings will be able to tell you, New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful country. Situated very near Australia, to the southeast, it allows you to relatively painlessly crossover and visit that extraordinary country as well. Find and enjoy what interests you most with these top selections for ways to enjoy New Zealand.

1.The Diverse and Untouched Scenery

New Zealand is made up of two chief islands and a variety of smaller ones, and each of these provides breathtaking scenery for nature-lovers to enjoy.

2.The Welcoming Local People

Fondly known as Kiwis, New Zealanders are very friendly and gracious towards those visiting their country.

3.Outdoor – and Indoor – Adventures

Adrenaline junkies can enjoy skiing, kayaking, sailing, swimming, parachuting caving, surfing, snowboarding, and horseback riding, all within a 100-mile radius!

If watching other people ride horses, and maybe placing a wager or two, is more your thing, there’s the Auckland Trotting Cup, Dominion Handicap, Great Northern Derby, New Zealand Free For All, and New Zealand Trotting Cup to enjoy, and just across the  pond there’s the Crown Oaks, in Melbourne, Australia. Even if you don’t plan to visit Australia while you’re in New Zealand, you can easily take part in Crown Oaks Day betting by means of an array of trusted bookmakers that have markets available online.

4.The Unrivalled Wildlife

New Zealand has plant and bird species that do not exist anywhere else in the world, except in zoos, of course.

5.The Easiness of Travel

New Zealand has a wonderful road network, and each town will have an information centre for tourists to talk to, so you can easily get not only directions to where you’re headed, but advice on what to go and see or do from locals as well!

6.The Wonderful Wine

You could make a day of going to wineries and tasting their products, particularly in Marlborough and Hawke’s Bay, the two main wine regions in New Zealand.

7.The Fascinating Local Culture

The ethnic diversity that makes up New Zealand is reflected in the wide array of cafés and restaurants in its cities, and you will be able to experience it all first hand.

8.A Sparse Population

The land area in New Zealand is roughly the same size of Great Britain, but there are only 4.5 million inhabitants here. You will not have to venture too far out to enjoy total solitude if you wish to.

9.The Great Climate

The summers are long and warm, ideal for taking in the wonderful beaches or a round or two of golf on some of the world’s best courses, and the winters are cool enough to allow for your snowboarding and skiing fun.

10.Safety is Not an Issue

It is highly unlikely that you will be exposed to any kind of criminal activity in New Zealand. Safety concerns are simply not as prevalent in this part of the world, and even women travelling alone do not have to be on their guard.

So – pack your bags, book your flight, and go hang out with the Kiwis! With these tips you are guaranteed a great time.

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