RTP and RNG Slots Explained

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In case you have been considering playing internet slot games, or perhaps you are playing them currently but you are still not entirely certain about all of the inner workings and what helps make them tick, knowing the way they work can be very helpful. You might have read the terms ‘RTP’ and ‘RNG’ in relation to internet slots at www.666casino.com, and this information will clarify just what this means and the reason it’s vital that you know. 

RTPs On Slot Games

RTP stands for ‘return to player’, and it’s a better way of figuring out what the likelihood of winning is on a particular game than anything else, especially any complicated maths equations. Basically, the RTP will tell you in simple terms just what the chances are of winning back your original bet. 

You will see the RTP noted as percentages, which can be overwhelming, but it is not too difficult to work out the moment you are in the know. A game which has an RTP of ninety five percent, for instance, means that you are going to see a return of ninety five percent of the money of yours on average. The casino therefore has a five percent advantage. 


The majority of the casinos online will post their RTPs for each game, and this can assist you to figure out which video games you want to play – it will rely on your tolerance to chance once you do know. If you cannot notice the RTP of a game it is better to stay away. It’s true that the odds could be exceptional, however they might be bad and you will be throwing all your money away; it is best not to chance it.

RNG Slot Games

RNG stands for ‘random number generator’. The RNG is really a microchip that allows the slot machine to – as the title indicates – spin randomly. These chips are examined and verified by various companies to make sure they’re good and that they really are random and that the games aren’t rigged in the casino’s favour (or the player’s, come to that). 

The concept is the fact that RNG slots are totally unpredictable for the players but additionally for all the casinos – it is fairer all round in that way. In reality, RNGs mean that even the game designers cannot predict the way their own slots will spin. It is possible, of course, for a slot designer to make one game pay out more than another, however, which is why some have higher RTPs than their neighbour might. 

The Way To Play Now

Getting this info is helpful, but can it be used to make your game playing a lot more positive? First off, let us concentrate on RTP. Understanding the RTP of any game would mean that you can be certain of the odds before you begin playing – you will understand what your chances are, which will help you to choose which games are better to play and which need to be stayed away from. 

Nevertheless, it is interesting to note that several players will choose to participate in slots with a low RTP. It is simply because, though they pay out less, whenever they do pay out these games with a reduced RTP will provide you with more money. Fewer wins, but larger wins when they arrive. This can be extremely tempting to some players who are not so risk averse and want to chance winning a lot of money.

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