How to Prepare for a Dance Tour

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Life on the road can be a real struggle for many while out on a dance tour. Your life is figuratively going to get turned upside down. You aren’t going to have a permanent place to rest your head because you’ll be constantly moving around, and your normal daily routines will be all out of whack.

Plus, going on tour is a really fun and exciting situation for many young dancers. Even though you’re going to live in a chaotic environment for a while, you may love the energy and really thrive on it. But it can also create situations where you are totally drained because the excitement caused you to use up all your energy.

Obviously, you have to perform at the top your game while on a dance tour, so you have to be prepared to face this major challenge. It will be impossible to be completely prepared for everything that’s going to happen while touring, so don’t get too crazy, but know that you can be prepared for some of the ups and downs that will inevitably cross your path.

Preparing Your Clothes and Dance Gear

You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that you’ll inevitably forget something at home that you desperately need on your dance tour. More often than not, the average dancer usually forgets some of their dance gear or dance clothing needed for their performance.

Before it gets to that point, thoroughly look over your baggage ahead of time before heading out on tour. Make a list of all the clothes, costumes, and accessories you’ll need for your performance. Then quadruple-check your luggage to make sure you have everything for this important tour.

Unsurprisingly, you’re going to find out that you forgot something crucial to your success. Or maybe your harem pants get a tear and you need to replace them. You can order replacements online by visiting here: If you prefer, you can always look for another online retailer and have them ship clothes, gear, accessories etc. directly to your current or next tour stop.

At the end of the day, preparation is definitely the key to success when spending any significant amount of time on tour. So prepare and look over all your physical items in advance, thoroughly check everything over multiple times, and do your best not to forget anything.

Mentally Preparing for Your Upcoming Dance Tour

As mentioned earlier, we have a difficult time sticking to our most important routines while on the road. We are in an unfamiliar environment and it’s often tough to stay on track. More than likely, you’re going to feel out of sorts in the beginning when you first start traveling on your dance tour.

The most important thing to do to mentally prepare for your upcoming tour is create a new set of routines that you’ll follow every day while on the road. By setting up these routines that you’ll do consistently each day, you will bring a measure of normalcy to your life and life will not feel as chaotic as it could.

So, do yourself a huge favor and focus on creating new routines as soon as possible. Set up a new hair and makeup routine, create rituals that you go through with your castmates before your shows, create nighttime rituals, early morning rituals, meditation rituals and routines, and anything else that will make you feel more comfortable and at ease.


When all is said and done, these routines will make life feel a lot less hectic. You’ll transition to life on the road much easier as well. Between this and making the necessary physical preparations, you should quickly adapt to traveling and your dance tour will be much more successful because of your effective preparation.

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