Niagara Falls – for Adults

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Niagara Falls is the quintessential family vacation destination. While most kids love a good trip, they can be surprisingly difficult to entertain away from home – but Niagara manages to keep kids entranced with its natural beauty, educational opportunities, and straightforward excitement and thrill. There are plenty of restaurants dedicated to immature palates, and there are waterparks and arcades to help kids let off steam. The city is essentially a one-stop-shop for kid-friendly fun.

However, the attraction of Niagara Falls doesn’t end in adolescence. Like big kids, adults appreciate the magnificence of the falls and the excitement of the city – but in slightly different ways. If you want a mature vacation and don’t have kids in tow, here are a few reasons you should head for Niagara Falls.

Night Life

Niagara Falls doesn’t shut down when the sun sets. In fact, in many ways, it’s only after dark that the city truly comes to life. Colorful lights shine on the thundering falls, and the skyline twinkles against the night sky. During the summertime, a firework show begins at precisely 9 p.m., adding even more magical sparkle and glow to the stunning Niagara scenery.

Of course, gorgeous views aren’t all Niagara has to offer. The nightlife around town rivals that of Atlantic City and Las Vegas, with enough clubs, bars, and lounges for even the most avid partiers. The best includes:

  • Yuk Yuk’s. Comedy is a great way to loosen up before a night of stress-free fun. Yuk Yuk’s recently reopened at a new location, so you can laugh ‘til you cry in style.
  • Casino Niagara. You can head to the Great Canadian Midway to play at the arcade – or you can find more adult games at Casino Niagara.
  • Club Se7en. The so-called crown jewel of Niagara’s night club scene, Club Se7ven is modern, sophisticated, and thrilling.
  • L8 Club. With a vast dance floor, exciting music, and several rooms to chill out or heat up, L8 Club is another excellent Niagara night club.
  • Beer Garden Karaoke Patio. Only open during the warm months, this patio offers some of the best brews on tap in addition to the perfect songs to serenade your friends and loved ones.

wine countryWine Country

Though Niagara’s wineries are new compared to the centuries-old vineyards in France, Italy, and Spain, the soil and climate provide a comparable terroir to some of the finest wine regions in the Old World. As a result, Niagara wines are undeniably high-quality, pairing perfectly with the produce pulled from local farms and orchards.

You can book tickets with one of the major wine tour companies operating in the region, or you can organize your own day of fine wine – just make sure you include the following top-tier winemakers:

  • Peller Estates. One of the oldest and largest vineyards in the valley, Peller offers a bevy of unique tours that could easily require a full day.
  • Redstone. While you can’t get a tour of Redstone Winery, you can get exceedingly affordable tastes of award-winning wines.
  • Chateau des Charmes. As its name indicates, Chateau des Charmes is a charming winery that offers an astonishing piece of Niagara History.
  • Iniskillin. Offering the first and best icewine – a Niagara original – Iniskillin is approachable and fun.

Fine Dining

Niagara Falls is in the center of an exceedingly fertile region, meaning chefs have the opportunity to create meals with especially fresh ingredients. The result is the most appetizing food imaginable – dishes with astonishing combinations of flavors, textures, and colors to excite all the senses.

When you are free from the obligation of immature taste buds, you can finally enjoy truly fine dining. Here are some of the finest dining establishments in Niagara Falls:

  • AG Inspired Cuisine. Chef Cory Linkson has gained experience cooking around the world, but he finds inspiration and motivation in the bounty of Niagara.
  • Rainbow Room. A renowned celebrity chef, Massimo Capra shows off his culinary skill with dozens of well-crafted, Canadian-sourced dishes based on Italian specialties.
  • Windows. Named for the glass showing jaw-dropping views of the falls, chef Jaime Kennedy’s restaurant is a one-stop-shop for Niagara-sourced wine and food.
  • The Smoking Buddha. While you might not find white tablecloths here, you will find Thai, Mexican, Japanese, and Indian offerings under one roof.
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