New travel trends that you need to know!

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Whether you’ve got 20 stamps on your passport or you’re traveling overseas for the first time, everyone wants a memorable experience.

If you’re looking to make your next holiday a little different, here are five travel trends you’ll be dying to look into further.


Wellness Holidays

Holistic approaches to travel are an enormous trend at the moment. There’s a demand for health-conscious travel, and hotels are more than happy to embrace this.

Rather than simply sight-seeing, a wellness holiday is intended to relax and revitalize in a mindful way. These take the form of yoga workshops in India and Bali, spa weekends in New Zealand’s Queenstown, and even retreats dedicated to detoxing or quitting smoking.


Vegetarian and Vegan Travel

As vegetarianism and veganism continue to rise in popularity, so do plant-based cafes and restaurants across the globe.

Chiang Mai, Thailand and Berlin, Germany are considered two of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world, and attract many tourists for this reason alone. Even Paris, a city known for its cheese and escargot, has over 100 meat-free restaurants.

There are countless websites dedicated to finding the best veggie foods around the world. A new group of travellers are emerging now that they don’t have to worry about how they’re going to remain fed.


Motorcycle Road Trips

What better way to explore a country than on the open road?

By traveling via motorcycle instead of a bus or guided tour, you can stop and look around whenever you’d like. This freedom will mean you’ll have some truly unique experiences and meet a ton of local people.

If you’re buying a motorcycle from a private dealer, make sure they have motor trade insurance from a company like One Sure Insurance.


Cross-Generational Holidays

Trips that involve the whole family are always memorable, for both good and bad reasons. As it turns out, they’re also making a comeback.

No, I’m not talking about those 10 hour long car trips. Think a gondola ride in the canals of Venice or a day exploring art galleries in New York City.

Everyone is so busy these days, which makes a holiday with your parents the perfect way to reconnect and see a new side of one another. There’s nothing a mom or dad would love more than a surprise trip of a lifetime!

Plus, now that you’re no longer a kid, there’s a better chance your family vacation won’t end in tears and tantrums.


Exploratory Cruises

According to Lonely Planet, small-ship expedition cruises are becoming trendy with travellers seeking an immersive adventure.

Cruises have always been popular, but these kids of trips will take you to the ends of the Earth to explore less touristy locations.

Many exploratory cruises also place importance on sustainability and being as eco-friendly as possible. This trend is clearly a must for any travel lover concerned about their carbon footprint!


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