Most Beautiful European Roads

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If you enjoy long rides and beautiful views while travelling, then Europe is the right place for you, because it provides so many amazing road trips in different countries that you will easily fall in love with. The best thing about being surrounded by magnificent sights is that you can always stop and take pictures or you can park the vehicle and go for a pleasing walk in the nature. However, before going on this kind of trip, or any other, thinking of safety and having your car checked before the ride is a must. Even after you do it, don’t forget to memorize the car service companies’ contact details, because even if something happens on the road, a lot of today’s companies, such as Kwik Fit for example, will help you out right on the place. So, if you’re planning to visit the European roads, continue reading and learn which are the best!


1.    Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse. Austria

This exciting road is 48km long and its surrounded by the beautiful Austrian Alps. You can enjoy the different landscapes that create the thrill when driving next to it. This road also goes through the most beautiful Austrian national park. So, if you’re an adventurist and an adrenaline lover, this is the place for you!


2.    Col De La Bonnete, France

This mountain pass is one of the most famous roads in the Alps. Its 2807 meters in height, which makes it the highest road in the Europe. Even though it looks pretty thrilling and breathtaking, the road is very smooth and safe to drive through. It’s needless to say that Col de La Bonnete offers you some astonishing views and landscapes that every mountain lover will find amazing.


3.    Transfagarasan, Romania

This beautiful and twisty Romanian road is 90 km long and it climbs up to 2,034 meters. It has tunnels covered by waterfalls, a Balea Lake you need to see and dozens of other landscapes that will leave you breathless. However, it is advised to drive carefully because the road is not always in the best condition.


4.    Trollstigen, Norway

This winding road is known as “Troll’s Path” and, beside many other beautiful landscapes to see, it gives you a chance to see stunning Stigfossen Waterfall that falls down the mountain. The road goes through famous Norwegian fjords, but because of its’ terrain, it can also be dangerous, so you should always drive with caution.


5.    Susten Pass

The Susten Pass is a high mountain pass in the center of the Alps and one of the most beautiful in Switzerland. It climbs up to 2224 meters and it contains different road styles. There are also great stop points on this road where you can rest and drink a coffee. It offers some amazing views of valleys, forests and mountains.

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