London Museums for the History Buffs

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The history of London is fascinating and is something that we should explore and learn from. British history has seen its fair share of wars, assassinations, geniuses, movements, and music, just to mention a few, and even today, there are a wealth of sites still situated in Britain’s capital city that will allow you to delve that bit deeper into its history. For anyone who loves history, submerge yourself in these historical places around the city and step back in time. Courtesy of these cheap flights from Mumbai to London which let you delve into the rich British history.

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London’s museums are known all over the world, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the British Museum are amongst the most famous; they are near 5-star hotels in London and are a sure shot must – visit for all history buffs.

The Natural History Museum: This museum contains dinosaur bones, fossils, meteorites that are millions of years old, a life-size blue whale and a beautiful array of gemstones, so if you are fascinated with the workings of nature and animals, this should definitely earn a place on your itinerary.

The Science Museum: It is as fascinating as it takes a trip through time in the forms of inventions and medicine. Each floor is jammed packed full hands-on experiments, early models of trains, planes, and cars as well as an IMAX cinema that showcases a series of documentaries suitable for the whole family.

The British Museum: It showcases a wide range of artefacts from civilisations that span from the beginning of time up to the present day. It holds the Rosetta stone, parts of the Parthenon from Athens, a Maoi statue from Easter Island, Egyptian mummies and the Sutton Hoo helmet from the early Anglo-Saxon period. It is a vast museum that is stocked with an array of ancient pieces, just be sure to put at least 3 hours aside as there is a lot it sees.

Old Operating Theatre Museum: Doing justice to its name and located in central London, in the historic Borough of Southwark, this museum has been one of the kinds. The entrance is decorated with the bell tower and 52 steps up a spiral staircase. The museum is more of a walking distance of London Bridge Underground Station, Borough Market, Southwark Cathedral. Here a restored Victorian operating theatre is brought to life every weekend with a staged operation.

The Horniman Museum: This museum holds a wide selection of stuffed animals, musical instruments and an aquarium that is all guarded by a stuffed walrus that is over 150 years old and The Horniman Museum in Forest Hill is a free museum with extensive collections of anthropology, natural history, and musical instruments. This museum also turns out to be a place of various special exhibitions, concerts, festivals, shows, workshops, and activities. It is mainly a treasure which is secured in a South London. You’ll love the gigantic overstuffed walrus, the new aquarium, the beautiful gardens and the café.

Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital Pathology Museum: Being within the vicinity of the oldest hospital in London, Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital Pathology Museum, simply offers a collection dedicated to the treatment of disease, holds specimens from the institution’s long history. This particular collection was organised by Victorian-era St. Bart’s surgeon and pathologist James Paget, best known for his identification of the bone disease now known as Paget’s disease. However, the hospital it’s housed in was founded back in 1123 and was given to the city of London in 1543.

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