How to Use a Wax Liquidizer to Make Your Own Vape

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Wax Liquidizer is what the name suggests. It is a special product which liquefies wax, the oil or liquid made from by using Wax Liquidator creates a THC vapor which works very well in vaporizers, cartridges, and even pens. The heating method most popular is through microwave, others use the stovetop double boiler system and even receive emails about people making their own cartridges with blow dryers in the oven and shaking them up, some even use the heat gun to do the job. It really depends on how much you want your wax to be liquefied.

Purchase the Kit

There are many waxes which can be liquefied through the Wax Liquidizer. You will also need to buy the necessary accessories such as cartridges or tanks for your vaporizers, or you may choose to make your own cartridges or refill your own cartridges. These are not so difficult if you have some basic tools. However, if you want to save time and money then you may want to purchase the kit and save yourself all the hassles.


Some people prefer to do the job themselves and save the hassles of purchasing their own equipment. However, it is not recommended as the work can be done very quickly if done correctly. Sooner or later you’ll end up with a very weak product if you aren’t careful.

The main task in this step is to mix the wax and the oil. First put the wax on the heating element, turn the heating element on, and wait for the wax to melt. Once the wax has melted, turn the heating element off and let it cool. Now you can add the oil and combine it with the wax until the mixture is just right.

Wax into the Vaporizer

The next step is to add the wax into the vaporizer. Once the wax and oil have completely combined the vaporizer can be placed into the refrigerator for about three hours to set the mixture. This will allow the wax to liquefy. And set the wax coil wick. The coil wick and oil are where all the heat from the heating element will go to when heating up the wax and oil.

The coil must be allowed to cool before the coil can be removed. The coil is the part in the coil wick where the heat goes to and from the heat when the wax liquefies. It’s important to remember that the coil must be left to cool for the coil to be free of air and debris. If you leave the coil in the vaporizer too long it can burn up. Once the coil is removed from the coil can be removed and used to register another coil which is similar to a drip tip.

Coil in the Vaporizer

Now it is time to put the coil in the vaporizer again and the coil must be cooled off. After that you will want to replace the coil. If the coil is too large to fit through the vaporizer then you may have to make some modifications to fit into the vaporizer. If the coil isn’t large enough then you may have to make more coils to accommodate it.

Lastly you can insert the coil into the vaporizer and turn it on. The vaporizer will require some cleaning but it will run smoothly once it is running. The vapor will begin to flow and you will notice the wax turning colors. As the wax turns to vapor.

These are just a few of the simple processes to using a wax vaporizer. If you don’t know how to use a wax vaporizer you should learn. Once you have learned how to use a wax vaporizer you will wonder how you did without one.

When I first got started in the hobby of using wax vaporizers I made sure that I had plenty of lye handy so that I didn’t waste any way by not adding the wax into the water properly. I always had enough to make about 10 or so uses of my wax terpsusa.

Now that I know how to use a wax vaporizer I take my time and do my research to find the best wax for the job. I also try to buy as many different brands as I can. My advice is to try and purchase your wax from a reputable company because they tend to have the freshest wax.

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