How to take your travel videos to the next level

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Ready to take your Instagram game to the next level? Or maybe you’re building your YouTube following? Digital nomads, adventure enthusiasts, nature photographers, and the average traveler with a desire to keep some memories worth revisiting can elevate their content creation game with a few tips and tricks.

First, use the right camera for your trip. While smartphones have raced to boast continually more impressive camera and videographic options, they’re not ideal for every purpose. You can get spectacular underwater footage with a camera that’s not only waterproof but also optimized for the unique refraction and lighting of your diving adventures. GoPro, the leading name in action sport video, enables you to capture thrilling point-of-view coverage of your skydive or mountain biking adventures. A special lens to zoom in on wildlife without getting close enough to scare them off, or to take crisp indoor video in the low-light environs of historic locales can open up opportunities impossible to those with lesser equipment. Start with the right equipment for your interests and destination.

Along with the right equipment, you’ll want to adjust your technique to suit the location and unique demands of the situation. This will take a combination of study and practice, so as much as possible, you’ll want to try to anticipate what you’re likely to want to take video of during your travels so that you have time to learn the necessary techniques. There is, of course, an element of art included in this. You may want to emulate a certain aesthetic or maintain a look that’s distinctive to your brand. Many travel videos are crisp, highly saturated (with bold colors), and project a sort of glossy, idealized vision of their subject. However, there are many options that you could pursue to be more unique and interesting. You might prefer a less polished look, or to focus on framing the shots in interesting ways, or emphasize movement. Some changes can be achieved in post-production, such as tweaking the color balance and exposure, while other elements (such as artistic framing) need to be present from the start.

Post-production is also incredibly important if you want to create travel videos that wow your audience, whether that’s an influencer audience of hundreds of thousands or the folks back home. A great online animator can help you get creative and add some interest and polish to simple shots. It’s a valuable way to add branding or to tell a story. It’s also the only way that you can elevate your travel videos after you’ve taken them, making it an effective solution if you have lots of older footage that you’d like to use. You might use it to feature montages or bookend footage.

Creating amazing travel videos can be rewarding, whether you’re an influencer brand making money from your travel blogging and content, or you’re simply interested in making the most of your memories. Customized equipment can help you get the best footage, as can some research into videographic techniques suited to your planned travels. Online video tools are a practical and effective solution to enhance, customize, extend, and explain footage, and have the added bonus of being used to improve video that you’ve already taken.

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