How To Dress For The Airport

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When planning the airport trip, we usually think about the clothes we will pack and take with us. However, choosing the right outfit to wear on the airport and during the flight is very important because we want to look stylish and feel comfortable. Especially if the flight is long. So, if you are done packing, keep reading and learn how to dress for the airport.

Long-Haul And Short-Haul Flights


If your flight will be long, you will need to spend more time both inside the airplane and on the airport, so choose some good-looking, but comfy and light clothes. Put on a plain tee, some stripe-sided joggers and lace sneakers. On short-haul flights, the flight won’t be long and tiring. This means you can relax more and enjoy some stylish and fashionable clothes, such as contrast polo shirt, turn-up jeans, a pair of suede loafers and a watch.

Beach Getaways


If you’re going on a summer vacation, sun, sea, beaches and a great weather should inspire your outfit for the airport. Put on a comfortable and beach-ready clothes, such as a pair of beige or blue stretch shorts and a button-up short-sleeve shirt. When choosing footwear, go for the boat shoes or slip-on canvas sneakers.

Business Trips


When going on a business trip, choose comfortable, but also formal clothes. However, don’t put on some very tight and restrictive clothes and don’t take too many accessories with you and you won’t spend much time dealing with the security. Go for a blazer over a plain, long-sleeve, buttoned-up Oxford shirt, stretch jeans and tan brogues.

City Breaks


For city breaks, it’s best to choose urban and on-look trendy clothes. Pair the short-sleeve shirt with cropped, mid-weight trousers. To look as good as possible, get your top, pants and shoes in different shades of the color that fits you the best. You might also need a jacket or a zip windbreaker.

Bonus Tips


Some bonus tips for fashionable and comfy outfit include avoiding belts, take multiple layers, don’t wear restrictive or awkward clothes, wear socks, try to avoid lace shoes and always take a small carry-on bag with you to keep your passports, boarding pass and other important documents safe.

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