How to experience the nightlife in Seoul

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The spectacular city that this is, Seoul does not cease to impress on any front; art, culture, history, culinary and even nightlife. Bequeathing you with a well-blended experience of the modern and ancient, Seoul is a sensory delight, to say the least. Its nightlife is not too far behind when it comes to a stirring night out. So much so, that the gamut of nightlife enthusiasts in Seoul is known to turn up the scene into a one that surprises many. Not to mention that Koreans are hardworking people so partying harder is a way of life for them. Following is a comprehensive guide on how to plan a trip and experience the nightlife in Seoul, because you sure don’t want to miss out on this crazy rendezvous.

First things first, you’ve got to determine what aspect of Seoul’s nightlife are you more inclined towards. There is a lot going on in Seoul once the night draws, in fact, much more than that in the day. What you can choose from to do at night include activities like –

  • Partying
  • Shopping
  • Culinary indulgence
  • Rejuvenation at a spa
  • Simply revere beautiful panoramas


Next up, we divide the neighborhoods for you to make your choice easier. Some of the best Seoul neighborhoods that boast of good things to do at night include –

  • Itaewon – most popular with foreigners given the number of western bars
  • Hongdae – a maze of cheap bars flanked by college kids mostly
  • Gangnam – if you seek a classy, local scene
  • Apgujeong – visit only when in the mood to splurge


Apart from neighborhoods, you can also resort to the Seoul’s best five-star properties given that they are usually hosting some party or an event. Some of the best five stars in Seoul are –

  • W Hotel
  • Hyatt Hotel
  • JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul
  • Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas
  • Banyan Tree


Some of the best places to party in Seoul (bars and clubs) –

  • Banyan Tree Bar
  • The Bottle Shop
  • Q Bar
  • Club Mass
  • Club LUX
  • Jason’s Bar
  • Bucket Beach
  • Fountain
  • Club Base


Some things that you must bear in mind while getting set for a night out around Seoul –

  • The clubbing scene picks up only after midnight
  • Most bars are open into the morning
  • Drinking and smoking in Seoul are allowed only for those 19 and above
  • Carrying some form of identity proof is a must
  • Public transport is absolutely safe


Finally, bear in mind the best time to visit Seoul. You don’t want to land up in the city when it is not at its bustling best. What is the best time to visit Seoul, you ask? The Fall months of September and October are counted as unparalleled months to be in Seoul.

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