Compare Travel insurance in Australia

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For many people, buying travel insurance may seem like an unnecessary add-on to the entire cost of their trips. However, the truth is that having a travel insurance policy on you can save you from a multitude of unwanted situations and it can definitely help you have a more relaxed and memorable trip, knowing that you are covered in a wide range of unpleasant scenarios.

Before you jump in an purchase the first travel insurance policy that comes your way, we highly advise you to run a research and see exactly which one fits you best. For example, what are the best travel insurance policies in Australia? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Compare Travel insurance in Australia

The Basics

As mentioned before, you really need to make sure you do your “homework” before purchasing any kind of travel insurance. To do this, you will first have to learn the “basics” to look after, and to understand the criteria upon which you want to purchase the insurance. Here are some fundamental things to remember:

  • How much does it cost? Prices range from $17 to nearly $300, and each of these insurance policies will cover different things, with different levels of involvement from the company.
  • What, more exactly, does it cover?
  • What are other clients saying about it?
  • How much does it cover in terms of luggage expenses? If you plan on bringing along expensive equipment or gadgets, you might want to think twice before settling on the lowest-priced policy, because it will most likely not cover for more than $2,000 in terms of luggage expense.
  • Last, but definitely not least, what age group does your policy target? Is it suitable for you?

Compare Travel insurance in Australia

Some Examples

Here are some examples to help you gain a better understanding of the way in which different insurance policies work:

  • Good2Go

This travel insurance policy will cover unlimited medical expenses and unlimited cancellation expenses, as well as up to $15,000 in luggage expenses. Because of its low price, it has been voted among the most affordable travel insurance policies in the country – so, for the money, it offers very good value.

On the downside, if you are over the age of 69, you might find that this particular insurance company doesn’t provide you with enough benefits – so we suggest that you search for something that fits your needs more.

  • InsureandGo

Similar to the previously-described insurance policy, this one will also provide you with a wide range of benefits too – with the difference that they only cover for up to $8,000 in luggage expenses. On the other hand, InsureandGo is appreciated both for its policy benefits and for its claims performance, making it more suitable for those of you who truly want to maximize their level of trust in the insurance company.

  • Travel Insurance Direct

This insurance company will offer you unlimited medical expenses and unlimited cancellation expenses coverage, as well as up to $12,000 in luggage expenses too. While at its very core is very similar to InsureandGo, it is more than important to mention that this policy is also appreciated for the benefits it offers to senior citizens (on top of policy benefits and its claims performance too). So, if you are a senior citizen, you might find this particular company’s offer better than the other two.


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