What to Avoid When Joining a Boat Party

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Before you get too excited about joining a boat party, you need to understand that there are still rules to be followed. Just because the photos look sick and everyone seems to be having the time of their lives, it doesn’t mean you can just do whatever you want. There are things you need to avoid because the rules say so, but also because you want to ensure your personal safety.


Drinking too much alcohol

The good thing about some boat parties is that people are allowed to bring their own alcohol. If not, there are open bars available on board. You can drink as much as you want. However, it is not highly recommended especially if you are travelling alone. You have to protect yourself and personal belongings. You can’t do that when you’re too drunk. Besides, you want to experience the entire adventure. It is not possible if you are flat out asleep.


Forcing people to party with you

Although it is an open party and everyone can have fun anywhere, it does not mean you can just party with whomever you want. It also does not mean you can just be flirty with anyone you see on the boat. If you want to dance with someone, ask for permission politely. If the person says no, leave. You can offer drinks to another person too, but if this person says no, take your drink with you.


Getting too rowdy

Sometimes, alcohol can take over your system and you become uncontrollable. You start getting into a fight. You feel like you are invincible. Before you start going this crazy, you have to understand that there are security officers on board. They will most likely remove you from the boat whether you like it or not. Worse, you can go to jail once you are off the yacht. Damaging items, sexual assault, and physical assault are very common. You should just stay away from trouble.


Getting naked

Yes, there are nudist boat cruises available. Others will take you to a private island where you can just get naked. Not all boat parties are like this. You need to dress appropriately. Day parties usually allow you to jump into the water and swim. You have to wear appropriate swimming attire. Parties at night are usually more formal.

These are easy rules to follow. The key is to have fun without disrespecting others. You need not worry about the consequences if you just follow the rules. Besides, you are there to have fun and party. You are not there to hurt others.


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