A Record of Passing the Exam of AWS Solution Architect SAP-C01

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1. First of all

In August, 2019, I passed and obtained the AWS Certification as an AWS Solution Architect Professional. I felt like I got more than 80% of the score, but it was very dangerous that I got a score of 782. I will record a failed learning method since I took the exam in June, 2019. It would be a pleasure if you can use it as a reference. In addition, please be careful not to describe the content that leads to the test questions.

*Examination Records in June, 2019

Last time: Failed Exam Record of AWS Solutions Architect Professional SAP-C01

A Record of Passing the Exam of AWS Solution Architect SAP-C01

2. About the 2019-06-24 Version of AWS SAP-C01 Examination

The AWS SAP-C01 you will take this time will be a new AWS Certification exam revised in February, 2019. When I checked the date when I was making an appointment for this exam, it was “June 24, 2019”, so I thought it was likely to update the content at that time.

The frequently asked questions of AWS Certificate clearly states: “New Products, Services and Functions will be reflected in the Certification Examination six months after their GA official publication.” Let’s assume that those questions about re has occurred in Services and Functions: the invention at the end of last year has been reliably tested.

3. Learning Methods

Study Period: about 1 month (+ last 2 weeks)

Study Time: about 50 hours (last time + 30 hours)

Last time, I did some preparation for the AWS Exam, so I went back to the basics and reviewed the learning methods with a sense of understanding the service.

At present, the Japanese Level of the professionals is not high, so 80% to 90% of them are mainly in English.

However, this time I made full use of Google Translate to study, which was a powerful alliance.

I’m using SPOTO Paid Mock Exam 1 – AWS Certified Solution Architect professional Practice Exam

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