9 Places You Must While Still in College

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Most college students, when they first step on the college campus are experiencing responsibility for the very first time. This could easily get out of control. I know several people, myself included, who wasted away their years being stressed out about grades. It was not until I became a junior and met a fantastic group of friends that I learned the importance of the stress-relax balance. I compiled a list of the most relaxing places we visited for different breaks and I hope you can use this information to your benefit.

Southeast Asia: Specifically Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. These countries are known for their pristine beaches, cheap local cuisine, and wild nightlife. You know how that saying goes “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?” Well that actually started in Thailand because of the super awesome activities you can do for very low prices.

Las Vegas: Sin City. There is enough gambling, partying, and good food in Vegas to make you forget about the F you got on that Poli Sci test. Trust me when I say once you experience the Vegas lifestyle, you will be eager to go back to school just for the next vacation, or holiday so you can come back for more sin. Never forget “what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” That is until you go back and reclaim it.

Netherlands: The Netherlands, or Amsterdam specifically turned out to be a revelation. A little research on your part will show you why it is a favorite destination of most college students. It definitely boasts a salacious reputation but it is awesome. Yes, you must take a trip to the Red Light District; there is much to be learned from that are, not simply carnal knowledge.

Bolivia: There were times we opted for some natural scenery rather than bustling cities. On these occasions we visited Bolivia. From the City of La Paz to Lake Titicaca, this country boasts an amazing assortment of natural sites. The sites brought a lot of clarity.

Puerto Rico: Spring Break in Puerto Rico is like spring break on South Padre Island on steroids. We woke up one day with a baby that did not belong to us, that is how crazy things can get over there. It becomes easy to be forgetful when you are enjoying the multitude of beaches and nightclubs.

Paris: If you want to enjoy a trip to Europe, look no further than Paris. The nightlife is incredible, and the sights to see are plenty. Do not miss an opportunity to see the monumental Eiffel Tower or the infamous Arc De Triomphe.

Dublin: Only people who are willing to try the many hearty brews provided by the Irish need to go here. Drink beer and relax, that was our motto for Dublin.

These are just a few of the places college kids must visit before graduation. It definitely helps create a more well-rounded individual. So pack your bags with your best sorority apparel, and go have some fun. Cheers!

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