7 Ideas to Celebrate Bucks Weekend in Gold Coast

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There is nothing quite like a bucks weekend in Gold Coast. This is an amazing party with fantastic accommodations just waiting to happen. The ideas are almost endless from the action packed nightlife to the sexy strippers in Gold Coast to grabbing a shotgun and firing off a couple rounds. There are sensational ideas for the day and the memory of a bucks night in Gold Coast will live on forever.


1. The Magic of Go-Kart Racing

A great place to start is with go-kart racing. The race suits are unbelievably cool and a practice lap will reveal the best racer. This is a lot of fun, a good laugh and the next Lewis Hamilton may be in the next go-kart. Spend an afternoon feeling like a F1 racer for a phenomenal afternoon. Golf takes on a whole new meaning with a sexy, entertaining and funny lady and a few beers. There is nothing any better than the combination of a sexy lady, golf and beer. This is a competition with an incredible edge and offering a prize will make the event even more interesting.


2. The Sexy Strip Clubs

A bucks party in Gold Coast should always include some time at one of the strip clubs. This is where some of the world’s most beautiful women can be found in abundance. The time has come to watch a gorgeous lady work that pole and provide an excellent erotic dance show. A private dance will take the party to a whole new level. After this excellent dance, grab your mates for a party boat cruise. This is one of Australia’s most picturesque areas and it gets even better with a stupendous sound system and a lot of beer. There are incredible boats available for two or three hours of no holds barred fun. Top it all off with a swim with a bodacious babe.


3. Hiring an Unforgettable Stripper

Hiring a stripper for an unforgettable party has become a tradition and the sexy strippers in Gold Coast are just “don’t miss”. Every bloke will go wild for a seductive stripper dance. This is especially true for a groom looking for a magical bucks night in Gold Coast. Grab a boat charter or an apartment for a real Gold Coast blast. Everyone knows the importance of alcohol but food is important too.


4. The Amazing Food

The Frenzy Food Court is a buffet with a tremendous amount of great food. Enjoy burgers, pizza and all the favorites of the manly man right here. Pizza Capers is a must for any pizza lover. Play it safe with tomato and cheese or go all out with a mind blowing number of toppings to choose from. This is the place to relish in the aroma of an enormous pizza. The best burgers at the Gold Coast are found at Oporto. The Legendary Bondi Burger is just one of many amazing meal deals and burgers. This is a burger a bloke will need both hands to hold onto.


5. The Cool Bars

A bucks weekend in Gold Coast is not complete without a couple of really great bars. The 1 Two 3 Bar is the place to start the night, have a few relaxing beers and get ready to party. The next stop is the exceptionally cool Runaway Bay Tavern. The live bands make the drinks taste even better and there is plenty of food to enjoy while rocking to the live music. The Currumbin Sports Bar makes sure nobody misses any sports game. The TV’s here are huge and live sports from across the globe are always ready. All it takes is a couple of wild and rowdy drinks to be ready to go party.


6. The Fantastic Nightclubs

Check out the nightclubs for a fantastic bucks party in Gold Coast. The sexy ladies are just waiting to score with a bloke with the right dance moves. The club scene offers a lot of fun and party time. The Sin City Nightclub is high class and exactly what a nightclub should be. The décor is funky, the atmosphere screams party and the bars are always well stocked. This is the place to cut loose, have fun and enjoy the ladies in their skimpy outfits. Melbas offers special events that attract famous DJ’s, celebrities and even more ladies. The Vanity Nightclub is about cool theme nights, dancing to all kinds of music or simply laying low. This is where Gold Coast ladies really go wild.


7. The Entertainment of Tourist Attractions

The tourist attractions also provide a lot of entertainment value. One of Australia’s biggest theme parks is Warner Bros Movie World. This is an awesome destination for anyone who love Looney Tunes or classic movies. Wet n Wild has the most extraordinary waterslides in the universe for cooling off and Springbrook National Park is always worth a look. The ideas for a bucks weekend in Gold Coast go on and on and lead to a party worth remembering.

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