5 tips for finding cheap flights

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Travelling the world can simply change your life – it can teach you about the amazing diversity of culture, about the beauty of the world and about how great people can be in various parts of the planet. Travelling can open your eyes and your soul, making you a better version of yourself and teaching you that this world really deserves the very best from all of us.

Unfortunately, many people don’t travel (or they don’t do it enough) because they believe this is expensive – which is not entirely true. For example, flight tickets can be bought for a fraction of the price if you pay attention to the details (and considering they are among the most expensive purchases when travelling abroad, you will be more than able to save tons of money and see some amazing places too).

How do you find cheap flights? Here are 5 of the very best tips to help you with this:

5 tips for finding cheap flights

Use your credit card

Sign up for a credit card that has a travel rewards offer on it. To many of you, it may not seem like much that you’re getting a meager 2 points for every dollar you spend – but, if you put things into perspective, you can actually end up flying for almost no money at all. Just think of it: in many cases, using your credit card for the monthly spending will save you enough reward points to get a domestic flight almost for free. And take into consideration that you’re getting this for doing nothing at all – just paying by plastic, instead of in cash!

Be more flexible

Flexibility is absolutely essential for those of you who want to save more money and travel more for their buck. There may not be any secret trick (there’s no day of the week when tickets are especially cheap, same as there’s no “cheap”) time of the day or means by which you can book in incognito mode and get cheaper prices. However, being flexible with your flying dates and with your destinations can go a really long way in ensuring you that you are getting the best price for your ticket.

5 tips for finding cheap flights

Don’t focus on direct flights

They can frequently be more expensive than flights that take longer and make stops along the way (and it does make sense, considering how rushed everyone is to reach their destination in as least time as possible). Open up your range of options a little to include non-direct flights too – you might be surprised to find just how much you can save for a few extra hours of your life for each flight!

Use multiple search engines

Not all search engines will provide you with the same prices – mostly because some of them may have special deals signed with particular airline companies. In other words, use all the flight search engines you know to see which one has the best price for your specific destination. Some of the best sites to search flights on include the following:

  • Kayak
  • Momondo
  • Google Flights
  • ITA Matrix

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