5 things you need if you travel with your dog

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Have you decided to travel with your dog? This is an excellent idea if you want to make this an unforgettable experience both for you and for your furry friend too! However, once you decide to travel with your dog, you will have to become aware of the fact that this will bring along extra-elements to consider before booking a flight and a hotel.

What are these things? We have gathered them below – so read on and learn more about the basics to know if you travel with your dog.


You will absolutely need a pet carrier

Your dog has to be in a fully-approved pet carrier throughout the flight – so it is essential to look into the best dog crates out there and select the one that suits your puppy the most. From size to the material from which the crate is made, there is a pretty varied range of factors to consider – so take your time and make sure you invest in a pet carrier that’s 100% fitted for your needs.

You will have to pay extra for the flight

Some airlines will allow you to travel with your dog for free – but many others will not offer you the same option. The prices for this can range a lot, depending on the extra-services associated with flying a pet.

You will have to pay extra for the accommodation too

Again, there may be hotels that don’t charge extra for the accommodation of a pet – but those who do have a pet-friendly policy will most likely charge at least a little extra. If you are running on a tighter budget, it is definitely worth checking the hotels that will accommodate your puppy for free.


You will need documentation

Most of the times, international pet flights cannot be completed without full documentation. When your dog enters a new country, he needs to carry with him all the paperwork necessary to prove his origins, his health status and many other things that are related to safety (his, the other tourists’, yours, and so on).

You really need to plan this out

Traveling with your dog is about to get quite challenging, so buckle up for the ride! Aside from the aforementioned elements, you will also have to consider the food and medical supplies your dog might need when you are out of the country. Furthermore, you will have to plan out every single detail – from crate training the pup to planning the day before the trip.

Also, remember that you will have to consider your destination as well. Be sure to search for dog friendly walking routes in the places you are visiting – otherwise you risk getting a fine (and that’s the last thing you need from your vacation abroad).

In general, a bit of attention to detail and a lot of love for your fluffy friend will get you a long way – both figuratively and literally. Travel with your dog, have fun and see the world! It’s going to be a truly amazing and memorable experience!

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