5 Things to consider when purchasing travel insurance

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Travelling can be such an exciting adventure – even if you don’t fly far away from home and even if you don’t plan on doing it for more than a couple of weeks. However, as a traveller abroad, you should first and foremost make sure you are safe and fully covered in a wide range of situations – and travel insurance can do this for you.

What are some of the most important things to consider when purchasing travel insurance? We have 5 of the tip tips for you – so read on to find out more.

Yes, you need it

In a world full of political turmoil and where natural disasters are everyday news, you might want to be as safe as possible and make sure you’re not paying money for a trip that will get cancelled due to unforeseen events. Plus, travel insurance can cover medical fees and it can even cover for your luggage if you plan on bringing along more expensive items.

5 Things to consider when purchasing travel insurance

No, you shouldn’t buy it just anywhere

You wouldn’t buy your car insurance policy from a shady seller – so why would you do otherwise with your travel insurance? Be sure you stay within the “safe zone” and purchase your travel insurance from a trustworthy, well-known, five-star reviewed company. You really need to put your money in the right basket!

Yes, you should really do it as soon as possible

Don’t postpone purchasing the insurance policy for too long – chances are that the more time goes by, the harder it will be for you to get a pre-existing condition wavier. Ideally, you should get your travel insurance on the day you book your trip, so that you make things simpler and less expensive.

5 Things to consider when purchasing travel insurance

Yes, you should take the time…

To research the right option and to make sure you fully understand what it covers. Some insurance policies are very cheap (less than $30), but they won’t cover for much (e.g. up to $2,000 in luggage insurance). Other policies, on the other hand, are more expensive and are targeted at very particular age or social groups (so they might not be suitable for you either, even if you are more than willing to pay more for your travel insurance).  Take your time, shop around and settle on that option that suits you most.

Yes, you can definitely do it online

In fact, it is highly recommended that you do it online – it will be a lot easier for you and, as long as you do it from a reputable website, you will not have to worry that you’ve fallen into the hands of a scammer or that there’s something slightly dubious about your travel insurance policy.

Because travel insurance is easy to buy and because there’s something for just about every budget range and type of traveller, we highly advise you to actually do this. It can save you from so much trouble and it can be so beneficial that it will be more than worth it!


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