5 backpacking essentials you can’t miss

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backpacking essentialsWhether you chose and outdoor adventure or a place nearby, it’s essential to pack smart and light.  Be it open or remote place, your first priority is to be prepared. Before packing though, you have to be conscious of your personal choice of clothing.


Be comfortable and plan warmth depending on the weather. The hot weather however may require strapless or a simple tank top. It is advisable and preferable to wear Chums casual trousers because they are breathable and allow you the needed freedom. Essentially 100% cotton, flexible and stretchy features for ease of movement. For a chilly weather, have a warm base shirt; you never know when the skies change up.

Change of clothes and at the very least extra underwear.  Hat and sunglasses as well, both do well to zone off the sunshine and protect your eyes from the rays.

Footwear; boots are preferable; they’re easy to walk in and luckily waterproof.

First aid kit

I mean no one anticipates getting hurt but it’s never harmful to leave home with it. An unforeseen scrape, bruise and those tiny minor injuries. The first aid kit might contain tweezers, bandages, cotton wool, wipes, pain relievers, alcohol wipes etc. true, you might not need them, but you’ll sure miss them when you do.

Food and water.

Yes. Water is very well in on top of the list. It is the most important thing for survival outdoors or indoors. Getting dehydrated isn’t one thing you want to risk. It becomes easy to disregard the symbols of desiccation; starting from headaches, tiredness and others.

When you’re out in the desert or during drought, you need as much water as you can get.

For sustenance, water alone is never enough. It’s good to pack snacks and fruits. Food that can last longer too maybe, a couple of chocolate bars and the likes.

Travel outlets; short chords, pen and small notebook.

These may include power banks, a short power chord in case power runs out on your devices. Pen and small note pad, good for irreplaceable memories and maybe a rough sketch. Records keeping of sort, to keep information and in case your phone goes low or off.

Your phone and devices may as well serve as your camera. Handy at that, easing you the burden of having to carry one.

Sleeping bags/ pads and roll up pillow.

Let’s be honest, many hostels, hotels and suites are not as hygienic as they like to claim. Having your own personal sleeping bag is a necessity. The silky type is practically comfortable for any kind of climate. Silk regulates the body temperature and will therefore keep you comfortable at all weathers.

A roll up pillow is soft, fluffy and supportive. The neck support is safe for positioning and support of the neck. They also afford additional measures of comfort. Because they can be adjusted, you get maximum sleep. While lying on your back, a roll up relives the stress of long hours travelling and creates enhanced neck function.

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