3 Things I love Trying When Overseas

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Traveling is so much fun and one of my greatest hobbies! There are a few things I like to do no matter which country I’m in, or how long I’m there. If you add these things to your must-try list, I’m sure you will get a good idea of the local culture, the way of life and of course get to try some delicious things along the way. Here are my top 3 things I love trying when overseas.

1. Coffee
The truth is I need coffee to function, no one wants to see me early in the morning without my favourite drink in my hand. I personally love having a coffee in each place I visit, it’s a wonderful way to see how differently it’s prepared world over – from a Turkish coffee through to a delicious sugary coffee in Cambodia. If you want to have amazing coffee at home, you’re going to want to invest in a rocket espresso machine for sale and some https://natescoffee.com/product/nates-coffee-subscription-box/ to make coffee your favourite way.

2. Desserts
I think desserts tell you so much about a country and how they live. For example in France, it’s common to see beautiful pastry shops lining every single country. Desserts in Asia are often a lot more fruit based, with things like Mango Sticky Rice being a very popular dessert in Thailand. Of course a dessert list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the fantastic gelato you can find in Italy. I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, but I do love enjoying a shared dessert when I’m traveling in each place I go.

3. The Nightlife
I think it’s so fun to go out at least one night during your trip overseas. Whether you’re in Ireland and feel like you have to hit up an Irish bar and drink a pint of delicious beer, or in Singapore and want to go out for a fancy cocktail in a bar with a stunning view, I think exploring the night life is a wonderful way to meet locals while learning more about the culture. In the Czech Republic, they drink the most beer per capita around the world, so not only is the beer irresistibly cheap, but it’s an integral part of life there. You can head to the South Island of New Zealand and rent a bicycle to cycle around all the gorgeous vineyards! There are so many ways to emerge yourself in the nightlife culture of the destinations you’re visiting and it’s such a wonderful way to learn more about where you are.

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