3 Reasons to Visit Fiji

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Fiji is one of those dream destinations that you just need to visit at least once in your lifetime: golden yellow beaches, extremely friendly people and perhaps the clearest waters you will ever see in your life. If you’re looking to have a relaxing holiday, a romantic holiday, or to even go zip lining, there are so many fun things to do in Fiji that once you’ve booked the cheapest airfares you may find yourself wanting to extend your trip to Fiji. Here are my top 3 reasons you should consider a vacation to Fiji:

1. Incredible Beaches

The beaches are probably the main reason people come the to beaches of Fiji and it’s a wonderful reason to come – there are just so many beautiful beaches to explore. Entire hotels and resorts are built on stunning beaches ensuring that you can enjoy them. Depending on whether you’re traveling with a group of friends, with your family, young children or as a romantic couple, there are specific beaches that will probably appeal to you more. If staying in a hotel right on the beach is out of your price point, don’t worry, there’s also the option to get a day pass for the day in many hotels, or to even take a day trip out to a private island. You can find some pretty cheap flights to Fiji which make this a really inexpensive way to get to this slice of heaven on earth!

2. Super Friendly Locals

Much of Fiji’s economy does depend on tourism so that means that many of the local Fijian people appreciate tourism and how it has positively impacted their economy. I have traveled much of the world and found that there are many countries where people can act quite hostile towards foreigners, but personally have not yet experienced this in Fiji, which always makes going on holiday here feel like a breath of fresh air. The warm smiles from locals combined with the warm weather make Fiji quickly feel like a second home to me, making it very hard to leave!

3. Fun Family Activities

Whether you want to do a day-long cruise, challenging yourself to a ziplining course or take on Kula Wild adventure park, there are a ton of fun family adventure activities to do with your kids to build precious memories together. Because Fiji is such a beautiful place, there are also a lot of natural gems to enjoy together as well such as the stunning waterfall, sand dunes, mud pools – you name it, Fiji has it. This makes Fiji a wonderful family destination which is great if you’re trying to plan a trip with restless children that are hard to entertain.
Traveling to Fiji is a wonderful idea if you’re trying to pick a holiday that everyone in the family will love. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve been to Fiji before – I’d love to hear your experience.

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