The 10 most common problems during a trip

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Without any kind of doubt, travelling can be a real life-changing experience. It can open your eyes and it can get into your blood and make you addicted to the beauty of the world and of the people inhabiting it regardless of their geographical coordinates.

Yet, travelling should be done with some thorough planning in advance – and you should definitely make sure you try to avoid any kind of problems during your trip, so that you make the most of it. What are some of the most common issues you might encounter when travelling? Read on and find out more about the top 10 most frequently-encountered travel-related problems:

The 10 most common problems during a trip

1.Overbooking hotels or flights. Due to errors in the booking system, you might be faced with an overbooked flight or hotel – so it’s essential that you check twice before leaving, to make sure your money is in the right place.

2. Losing the luggage. Unfortunately, this can be a costly and vacation-ruining experience, so we suggest you pack all valuables in your hand luggage. Also, we highly advise you to purchase travel insurance that covers lost luggage too.

3. Bad weather and unforeseen catastrophes. Again, this is something your travel insurance policy may be able to cover, so that you get a refund in case something happens.

4. Getting sick. Whenever travelling abroad, it is highly important to eat and drink only from reliable, healthy sources. While there may be many attractive street foods, we definitely advise you to avoid them as much as possible, especially in areas where food contamination can lead to serious illness.

5. Passport/customs issues. When leaving for a foreign country, please make sure you meet all legal requirements to be allowed through the customs (including what you are allowed and not allowed to bring along). Also, be sure to keep a copy of your passport with you as well, so that you have it in handy if you lose the original (case in which you should contact the nearest embassy or consulate and the police IMMEDIATELY).

The 10 most common problems during a trip

6. Car rental issues. To avoid being charged for car problems you did not cause, carefully analyze the car before receiving its keys. Take note and talk to the company about any damages you find!

7. Missing connection flights. If you have to change flights and your first flight arrives late, you will not be able to reach your second flight in due time. Make sure you book both of the flights on the same ticket, so that the airline company can help you find a second flight without having to pay extra.

8.  Language problems. Although you can speak English in most parts of the world, there may still be places where this is not a widely spoken language. The best thing to do? Buy a short guide and learn some basic phrases from it (also, keep it with you when wandering around a foreign place too – you never know when you’re going to need it).

9. Having your wallet stolen. It doesn’t matter where in the world you find yourself – this can happen in Hungary as much as it can happen in the UK, and it can happen in Bali just as much as it can happen in New York City. Stay safe, keep a decoy wallet on you, blend in with the locals, don’t wear anything too flashy and keep your common sense “buttons” pressed at all times. If, however, you get your wallet stolen, be sure you block your credit card, that you don’t carry too much cash with you and that you have copies of all the important documents in the wallet.

10. Being refused a service you were promised verbally. If a travel company makes any kind of promise (e.g. that they will make amends because you have been charged extra, or that they will offer an extra discount), remember to keep this in writing, so that you can show it to them in case they do not follow up.


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