Traveling, Living and Working Guide for Expat Living in Bangkok

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Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is not only the largest city in the country, but also the center for business, politics, and culture. It boasts significant importance in Southeast Asia, probably because of its history, language, and deep rooted love for food and drinks, making it a premier tourist destination. Most importantly, Bangkok is among the fastest booming startup scenes in Southeast Asia, in addition to being one of the best-rated expatriate hotspots. Some of the advantages of launching your startup venture in Bangkok include.


Easy Livability

Bangkok is extremely attractive for startups and expatriate living, especially because it is a metropolitan city, coupled with its being highly affordable to live in while not compromising on the quality of life. If you are just launching your startup, you may not afford to rent an office just yet. So, you are better off utilizing coworking space, which comes with an added advantage of collaborative culture as your startup business develops. That said, the low cost of living will enable you to stretch your money out in financing the operations of your startup business.


High Population of Entrepreneurs

Due to the prevalence of coworking spaces in Bangkok, business operations are now more manageable. This is precisely why a large number of foreigners looking to launch their startups are migrating to Bangkok to take full advantage of this affordable arrangement. Coworking spaces offer entrepreneurs opportunities to network with like-minded individuals who often have lots of creative ideas.


Quality Lifestyle

This is the most obvious reason why the startup community in Bangkok is growing. The superior quality of life in Bangkok renders this city the most attractive destination for expatriates. With its enhanced downtown and business areas that feature modern sky-rises and massive shopping malls, Bangkok exhibits its readiness to host startup founders. The expat life in Bangkok is, especially favorable because of the welcoming nature of the Thai people. They are, arguably the most warm-hearted group you will ever encounter. Who doesn’t want to live in a country full of smiles that kick off your day in a good mood?


Tax-Free Incentives

A majority of the entrepreneurs decide to launch their startup in Thailand owing to the tax-free incentives made available by the Board of Investment (BOI). Thailand BOI is the principal government agency operating under the Ministry of Industry to encourage investment. It, therefore, follows that your startup business stands a chance to benefit from the attractive and competitive package of tax incentives. BOI essentially ensures that no foreign equity restrictions are imposed on manufacturing activities. This is, in addition to providing assistance in the provision of work permits and visas, facilitating migration of foreign-owned businesses.


Family Matters

If you have a family and you wish to launch your startup business, the availability of multiple options of co working space Bangkok shouldn’t be your sole reason for wanting to settle in this city. Bangkok has first-world amenities, including many reputable schools. The focus on the International Baccalaureate program particularly enhances the quality of expat life in Bangkok. Besides, there are numerous international schools in the city, including Ruamrudee International School, Regent’s School, and International School Bangkok.


That said, you will probably want to launch your startup in Thailand, but you don’t know where to live in Bangkok as an expat. Don’t sweat it; Read on.


Getting Settled

In comparison to other regional financial capitals, including Singapore, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, Thailand is way more affordable, and it is very safe easy for expats to find accommodation and settle down. Indeed, Bangkok provides a great opportunity for expats wishing to get on the property ladder because Thai law expressly allows foreigners to outright own condos. While foreigners are allowed to own 49% of the properties, this challenge rarely affects Bangkok residents.

There are no suburbs or areas in Bangkok that are segregated for expats. The question of where to live in Bangkok as an expat is largely answered by proximity to amenities that make life more convenient. Such amenities include shopping malls, hospitals, good schools, museums, international restaurants, night clubs, bars, or grass, which is considered a rare commodity in most cities. For instance, a majority of the expats are found living close to the train station; particularly BTS. This is the most preferred public transit for most commuters in the city. Among the most popular locations that favor expat life in Bangkok include Ekkamai, Phetchaburi Road in the north, and Thong Lo, to mention a few.


Jobs for Expats in Bangkok

Over the years, teaching has been the preferred job for foreigners wishing to work in Bangkok. The opportunities are very many, and come with differing salaries. However, pay is a minor consideration when taking a teaching job in Bangkok as it affords you an opportunity to really experience the Thai culture while interacting with the people on a more personal level.

The hotel industry, which comes second to teaching as a way of earning a living for expats in Bangkok allows foreigners to take up chef, musician, guest relations, and even managerial positions. The expats have an added advantage because they are capable of communicating in multiple languages, which is a valued virtue in the hospitality sector.


Other jobs for expats in Bangkok include scuba diving director and acting/modeling. Most importantly, expats living in Bangkok venture into their own startup businesses. If you have a clear business plan coupled with sufficient funds to finance a business, Bangkok is as great a location as anywhere else in the world to start a business. You will also be able to easily find an ideal co working space Bangkok to facilitate your networking.

The startup community in Bangkok is growing tremendously. This is attributable to the high-quality life Bangkok has to offer. Thailand boasts of an excellent climate, incredible paradise-like landscape, and people with remarkable friendliness and a high tolerance for foreigners. Besides, its cuisines, culture, history and general lifestyle are incomparably amazing. Most importantly, setting up a small business in this city is extremely easy because there is a wide array of coworking space options for you to choose from.

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