Top Pet Friendly Accessories for Your Campervan

June 17, 2017 , In: Travel , With: One Comment

Travelling with your furry friend can often seem challenging, but if you invest in the right pet-friendly products then you’ll find it much easier and more enjoyable. There’s really nothing as exciting as hitting the open road with your pets and exploring exciting new places with them as you go. Your campervan is often a home from home for you, so why not make it one for your pets too? They’re just as important when it comes to comfort and happiness and these useful pet-friendly products will ensure they have a wonderfully relaxing, exciting time on their travels too!

Pitch Patch

This feature is more appropriate for use outdoors, such as when you’re parked up at a campsite or positioned at a location for a while. There are many pitch patches available, made of stainless steel, that are ideal for pitching into the ground to tie the lead around. This enables your dog to roam around the area, to an extent, without you having to worry about them running off or going to join another family on their patch of land. The pitch patches are also perfect for trips to the seaside, by the side of the road and even when you need a quick pit-stop and feel your furry friend needs a little air.

Seat Covers

There’s really nothing worse than a wet, muddy dog climbing all over your freshly upholstered campervan seats. Whilst they mean no harm and don’t even realise they’re doing it, it can be extremely frustrating and often cause an unpleasant smell after a while. Investing in some durable seat covers is ideal for making sure the seating underneath is kept in good condition, clean and smelling good, whilst your fluffball can sit on the seats and chill out. You often find that they’ll find their way into the sea, you’ll experience a rain storm or maybe they love to roll in muddy puddles, so some seat covers will really help save your campervan from turning into a mud bath!

Interior Mirrors

Just like having a baby on board, you want to be able to see what your pet is doing throughout their travels. When you’re driving, you don’t want to put yourself in a dangerous position by turning around every few minutes to check on your pet, so adding some interior mirrors will really help you keep an eye on what’s going on. You can add them to your windscreen to ensure you have a clear, safe view of what’s going on in the main area of your campervan. For those wanting to go that extra mile, you could even invest in a small webcam that connects somewhere close to your dash for you to monitor, just in case you need to pull over to let your pet out for a wee or settle them if they seem unhappy.

Pet Ramps

It can be difficult for your pets to jump in and out of a highly raised campervan throughout your holiday, so it may be beneficial to add a pet ramp when it comes to your campervan conversion. With VW T5 conversions, you can find some really easy areas to introduce your pet ramp too. Similarly, if you’re unsure of how to introduce the ramp to your campervan then you could take your vehicle to your local garage for some advice on the best area to fit it. You can also design the ramp to be removed when on the move, as this will make it easier for you and other users to enter the vehicle when your pet isn’t in need of the ramp.

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