Top Fashion Rules for Real Gentlemen

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Your clothes are not your personality, and they do not define you – but they can sure make a great (or not so great) first impression. Of course, we cannot all afford to dress like VIPs – but some fashion rules will always apply, regardless of how much you can spend on your attires.

What are the top fashion rules for real gentlemen? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

The Controversial Pocket Square

Pocket squares have long been associated with high style and luxury clothing – but they don’t have to be utterly expensive to be tasteful, really. A nice pocket square can revive your suit or tuxedo and breathe a whole new life into it, regardless of how basic it may be – so it is more than worth investing in at least a few of them that define your style.

Extra tip: yes, you can wear a pocket square and a bow tie and a tie, and yes, you can wear a pocket square and a boutonniere as well. Do make sure they match in a tasteful way, though.


The Cufflinks

Looking for another way to add style and personality to a basic suit? Cufflinks are your next investment, then. A pair of well-designed cufflinks can automatically make you look classier and more stylish, so, again, it is more than worth investing in these accessories.

Want a funkier twist? It can be totally done. From high-style Darth Vader cufflinks to basic white gold, there’s something for every type of man out there. It takes a bit of research, but it will be more than worth it.

The Socks

Alright, this is a much debated topic. Traditionally, your socks have to be coordinated with either the pants, or the shoes you are wearing (so no white socks in a black suit, please).

However, modern fashion etiquette is much more permissive when it comes to a variety of items, and stockings make no exception. For instance, many grooms and groomsmen choose to wear fun socks despite the seriousness of their tuxedoes – so this is completely acceptable if it’s part of your style and if it sends out a message.

The Watch

Same as with pocket squares and cufflinks, men’s watches have the power to change your look. A basic white t-shirt and a pair of rugged jeans can look awesome when paired with a beautiful watch, for example.

However, it is very important to remember that, when it comes to watches, cheapness and “fakeness” can be spotted a mile away. Therefore, we would suggest that you invest in a branded watch that looks really good, even if it’s not necessarily high-end. As a rule of thumb, your watch should not be worth more than 4 times your monthly salary – so even if you are willing to spend a lot on a good watch, you should still make sure you set some tasteful boundaries.

Of course, these are just the absolute basics in men’s fashion – but once you have these things set up, everything else will come easier. It’s time to look like the real successful person you are!

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