Top 5 family activities in the Isle of Wight

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Planning a trip to the one of the most beautiful place on planet earth- Isle of Wight? If yes, then book your hotel room through blue chip holidays and enjoy the breathtaking view of the island with a wide variety of rooms to choose from.

Top five family activities in the Isle of Wight includes the following:


  1. Carisbrooke castle

Carisbrooke Castle is situated close to the county town of Newport. Supported by English Heritage, the castle has enough to see and do to keep you entertained for almost a day. The walls being almost intact and the buildings being partly in ruins and partly habitable you can get to know about its history in the 16th century. The presence of a garden and the tranquility of the surroundings add to the dynamics of the situation. The donkey show is well worth seeing, and the museum is quite fascinating.

Along the perimeter of the castle you can witness beautiful views of the Isle of Wight.


  1. Amazon World Zoo Park

Amazon world Zoo Park is a lovey way to spend an hour or more walking around looking at the various birds and other small animals. The zoo is great for young children and adults.  The highlight of the zoo is being allowed into the Lemur enclosure- where if you are lucky, one of them will jump on you- although you aren’t allowed to touch them. There are some great animals here- giant tortoises, parrots, penguins, caiman, snakes, it is well worth a visit. And you can also do a free return within 7 days-Which makes it very reasonable.

There is a large picnic area, if you want to bring your own food- and a playground for the children to let off steam! Definitely not to be missed!


  1. Dinosaur isle

If you are into fossil hunting or wish to learn about dinosaur fossils, bones, models and the  dinosaur story of the Isle of Wight 120 million years ago then this museum is a must. It is located right by the sea wall in Sandown beach.

There are a lot of exhibits, interactive displays, dinosaur books, fossil hunting tour and a quite a few interactive things for children such as an automated dinosaur and a bit of archaeological digging that they can participate in. The gift shop offers a very reasonably priced toys and gifts.


  1. Blackgang chine

Blackgang Chine is located on the South coast of the Isle Of Wight. There are plenty of restaurants, free parking areas and lots of food outlets throughout the park. This is a place where grownups can have as much fun as the kids. So unleash your inner child!

Some of the activities inside the park include- the dinosaur walk, cowboy town, fire display and fireworks, roller coaster, hall of mirrors, water slide, underworld kingdom and much more.


  1. Isle of Wight steam railway

Tucked away in the countryside, the steam railway is great for those who remember the days of steam and those who don’t. Traversing 5 miles of lovely countryside in carriages over 100 years old will be a pleasant experience. Railway World displays past pictures, also there is a separate museum and gift shop to buy your souvenirs from!

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