Top 3 tips for travelling in Europe

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Europe is one of the most diverse continents in terms of the different cultures you’ll find when travelling through it. From the romantic streets of Paris, riven with galleries and the stunning Eiffel Tower to smoke filled cafes and canals of Amsterdam, from the shimmering beauty of the Mediterranean right down to the ancient Aegean, it’s continent of many cultures, languages and countries.


Walk or use buses

Taxis in Europe can be notoriously expensive, with Rome being one of the worst culprits of any city. Wherever possible, you should opt to walk. This allows you to build your own narrative of the places you visit, and offers the opportunity of getting a little lost. When you’re on holiday, getting lost can be really fun, so long as you don’t need to be in any specific place at a certain time. Often wandering down back streets, you will come across some of the most interesting artisan shops where you can pick up a unique gift to send back home. On that subject, an extra top tip is to use TNT to send your gift. Offering secure, efficient and affordable postage solutions, you can rest assured that your Venetian glass or your Parisian lamp are protected in transit. Other forms of public transport such as buses and trams allow you to experience the city in the same way as the natives and serve to make memories.


Be vigilant

In all top tourist destinations, from Prague to Paris and from Barça to Brussels, you need to keep your valuables somewhere safe, such as a hidden bum bag, kept close to your chest. One idea is to have an emergency note, such as a €50 rolled up into a bracelet or other jewellery. This way, should anything occur, you are still protected and have access to money.

Research Saint’s Days

All over Europe there are fantastic festivals over the course of the year. From Fallas in Valencia to Guy Fawkes in London, Paris’s Bastille or the slightly macabre All Saint’s Day, celebrated in several European countries, a Saint’s Day is a free day out with revelling in the streets, which helps to provide a fun and lasting memory of your destination. Be sure to do as the locals do to experience the festival at its optimum and you will have colourful pictures and memories of you whole Europe trip!

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