The Art of Work & Travel

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If anyone has attempted to start on the path of being a “Digital Nomad”, they will tell you that it is not all selfies and pina coladas on the beach with your laptop. The hard truth of the matter is it is actually a lot of long, hard days of staring into your pc screen while gaining a neck and back problem from bad ergonomics of working in hot coffee shops with so-so internet.

In today’s social media days of ego-driven photos and convincing your life is awesome; the truth is much deeper than one image of a 12 hour day. However, for some people those long days can be bliss when taking the inverse into consideration and having to clock into a gray cubicle and look at your fat coworker’s sweaty back all day.

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Strategies to Work and Travel

Everyone wants to have a more flexible life and more freedom with their time. Essentially, when it all comes down to our lives, time is the one commodity that you simply just do not ever get back.

Time cannot be bought or sold and allows us to attain experiences which ultimately lead to memories whether good or bad. Time, simply is the one thing that will always be the most valuable component of our lives and to no surprise attaining youth and preventing old age is a billion dollar industry.  

So, how does one travel the world and live the dream?

Becoming an Online English Teacher

If you have your college degree and have a good sense of the English language then teaching English online is by far the easiest way to travel the world and make cash. It is always an ongoing debate of whether non-natives are better teachers and such but if you are from a native English speaking country then you definitely have a better chance of making more money and landing a better job.

At the moment, online English teaching in China is booming with companies from all over the world jumping into this cash cow. There are many opportunities from teaching younger children to Adults across many platforms.

Writing Content For Blogs

Nowadays, with any google search one can find content on any subject and the information superhighway is jam packed with yes’ – information. It is the job of the writer to take that knowledge and create something useful and interesting for the targeted blog for optimal SEO towards link building strategies. The day is gone of black hat SEO and this provides a lot of work for the receptive thinkers out there. Additionally, when looking at both writing and teaching, it shows that you don’t always have to work in tech to be a digital nomad.

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Managing an E-Commerce Site

This was the go to a couple of years ago and many people have made a lot of money in this area. It is still a good way to make a ton of money and there are many e-commerce strategies from affiliate marketing, to types of drop shipping, and physical product sites.

With the dawn of Facebook, it has allowed for marketers to get their product to the right audience with very simplistic strategies.  

Also if managing remote employees with your business, a company such as ClockSpot that has an online clock will save you money with labor and time by cutting corners with automating the payroll. Having an online monitoring system such as ClockSpot can also increase productivity by understanding what your remote employees are doing and if they actually are working.

There are many other ways of working in e-commerce and making money as well. Basically, you will always need to improve your ecommerce site which opens up many other skilled remote opportunities such as developers, designers, and digital marketers.

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