Ready to take the leap abroad? Here’s what you should consider.

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So, you’ve finally reached the decision to move overseas. No doubt this decision took a lot of time but now you have made your choice you can begin to get excited about starting the process of immigration. Here are some helpful tips to get your planning off to a good start.

Tax requirements and planning

Now you have made your decision, put the plan in motion by notifying HMRC of your plans to move abroad. There will be forms that need to be completed to ensure that you don’t end up paying through the nose and to protect the assets you have in UK-based saving accounts. has created a guide to moving abroad that may be useful to you.

Start learning the language as soon as you can

The sooner you start learning the primary language of your new country (if it is not English), the easier it will be to settle in and become accustomed to the lifestyle. Expect that the customs and lifestyle will most likely differ to what you are used to too and understanding the language will give you a head start in figuring these out. This is just one of the many exciting aspects of moving somewhere new and we are sure you will pick up the language in no time.

Make a decision regarding your home

There are two options regarding your property: rent or sell. Selling it may be the easier option as you will have no responsibility for it once it is sold. It could even allow you to make a bigger deposit on a property in your new town or city. However, if you decide to rent your property it would be easier for you to do so via a letting agent; who will carry out the day-to-day management of the rental such as liaising with your tenants etc.

Most importantly, inform your mortgage provider of your decision as soon as possible to ensure that you comply with the terms and conditions of your agreement at all times.

Transporting your possessions and any pets

Moving your whole world to another part of the globe, while exciting, is no easy feat. Seeking the assistance of an international removal company will save you time and energy as well as reducing the risk of breaking furniture or sentimental possessions in transit. These companies have years and years of experience executing international moves and will most likely be much more experienced than you. Larger international removal companies will offer a variety of services, such as ensuring the safe transit of you pets, delivering your possessions to your new home abroad and offering help and support throughout the relocation process.

Be prepared for the settling in stage

You probably have an image in mind of how it will look and feel to settle in to your new home and life abroad. Whilst there will definitely be feelings of excitement and awe, don’t be surprised if there are periods of homesickness and anxiety. Try not to worry, this is completely normal and expected. You are going through a huge transition and there are bound to be some nerves and questions. But this will pass and soon you will be enjoying your new life just as much as your old life, if not more.

Wherever you plan to move in the world, be sure to take time throughout the process to appreciate the amazing experience of starting fresh somewhere new.

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