Risks to young people in the workplace

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Did you know that young workers are the most at risk of suffering a workplace injury? This may be due to the fact that 70% of young workers say their workplace is a health hazard. When we look at employees aged between 16 and 29, 67% are more likely to have had a workplace injury compared to the national average.

So what kind of injuries are we seeing from these young workers? 26% receive cuts while at work, 25% receive broken bones or fractures, and sadly, 10% have lost a limb or body part.

Unfortunately, poor workplace hygiene makes the situation worse. 47% of respondents said they caught an illness from their workplace. 24% said this illness was either food poisoning or a bug that originated from bad hygiene.


So how were these accidents happening? 36% were due to slippery floors, while 17% of those who got hurt had an issue with lifting heavy items. Of the people who caught a bug, 15% say they got it from unhealthy colleagues. Meanwhile, 14% blamed the unhygienic facilities for becoming unwell.

Unfortunately, 12% also blamed defective equipment for their injuries, and 11% said that their work had no health and safety protection, which is a serious problem. It also turns out that 10% of those injured were using unsatisfactory tools when carrying out their jobs.

10% of young workers who were injured in the workplace said that there was a lack of health and safety warnings in their workplace. Employers are responsible for keeping their staff healthy and safe. They also have a duty of care to their employees, which is often neglected. This leaves workers of all ages vulnerable.

Of the young workers who were injured at work, 1 in 5 under 29s said that there was no action taken after they were hurt. And less than one quarter of these young workers went looking for legal advice after they suffered a workplace injury.

This is a mistake, since when an employer is at fault, employees will often receive a payout due to their suffering. The average payout in these cases was £31,924. For a young person who is injured at work, this payout can help the with medical costs, help pay for a family member who has taken time off work to help them, or go towards future costs.

If you’ve been injured at work, it’s a good idea to take a look at the injury compensation calculator. This can work out how much of a payout you may be eligible for due to the circumstances in which you were injured. By using this calculator, you can get a good idea of whether it’s worth taking further legal action. For many people, seeing the amount they could be paid out will motivate them to speak with an expert about their situation.

Ultimately, the more people who hold their employers accountable for negligence, the safer every workplace will be.


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