4 Reasons to Rent an SUV for a Family Vacation Road Trip

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Family road trips are always fun, regardless of the vehicle you choose to take, but having the perfect vehicle to complement the journey certainly does make the experience significantly better. While it can be tempting to bring your trusty old family car for nostalgic purposes, renting a different vehicle can add some flare and provide a few extra perks that are worthy of the rental costs. If you have 3 or more passengers it would make sense to rent either an SUV or a van, but the former tends to be much better suited for family vacations, for the following reasons.

Leaving the Family Car Home for Security

If you leave the car in the driveway while you are gone, people passing by will get the impression that someone is home, which is good because then you’ll face a lower chance of theft. Obviously, criminals are less likely to want to break in if they think that you’re home. Adversely, if they think nobody is home and they know you’re on vacation, that is practically an open invitation unless you have a decent 911-integrated security system installed. The Global Garage Blog covers various products that you can use to improve home and automobile upkeep and security.

Accommodate All Passengers Comfortably

Now that we have covered the preliminary benefit of not letting the world know you are gone, the main advantage of renting the SUV will be the extra comfort it provides. After all, if you are going to be traveling hundreds of miles on the road, you’ll undoubtedly want everyone to have plenty of leg room. While the family car might be just as spacious, it may not be as updated as the recent models available at a rental lot. If your family car is a sedan or coupe then you’ll definitely appreciate the extra cabin space during those long stretches of driving.

More Storage Space

Aside from the space for passengers, an SUV also gives you much more room for equipment, accessories, and luggage.  Thus, you can bring all of your conveniences and devices along with plenty of changes of clothes. With more luggage in the back and plenty of room for a cooler, you’ll be making less laundry and food stops during your road trip. In addition, you also have plenty of rack space on the roof for carrying your bikes or even more luggage for an extended cross-country trip.

Enjoying the Luxury of a Different Vehicle for a While

Even if you already have an SUV that you have been using as a family vehicle, renting a newer model that is different from your own can add some variety to the trip and make it more memorable. Plus, you’ll be seeing a lot of new areas and possibly meeting people along the way, so driving a nice and comfortable rental SUV gives you that classy ride and appearance that can make your road trip feel more like a full-fledged vacation.

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