How to plan a trip away with a big group

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The idea of travelling with a large group can initially generate much excitement. After all, it would be a chance to enjoy great places with great people in tow; why wouldn’t you enjoy it? Alas, once a group trip actually gets underway, it can too easily degenerate into constant bickering.

Here are some tips that you can follow to reduce the likelihood of such discord happening and thus help ensure that your enduring memories of the trip are happy ones.

Let the group vote on what they will do

If there’s a good argument for an authoritarian regime, we have yet to see it. No, you haven’t accidentally started reading a piece of political commentary; we are just referring to the need for you to be democratic with your getaway’s schedule.

As not everyone might have the opportunity to do everything they wish to do, you could let the whole group vote on what activities should be pursued. Still, the group could occasionally split up if the option is there.

Try not to be too ambitious

If you have ever attempted to herd cats, then keep in mind that managing a group trip – from the initial departure right through to the eventual return – can be nearly as difficult. Things could become especially testing if there are children to consider.

Therefore, while many members of the group might be eagerly anticipating big outings, limit these to just one daily, Travel + Leisure advises. Your sanity could soon thank you for it.

Set aside time for people to do… nothing

You don’t necessarily want the trip’s schedule to be like a school schedule, where one activity can be immediately followed by another, then another, and then another. The group could benefit from you leaving some gaps in the schedule.

Gaps to let people do what? Just pursue their own pastimes, basically – like reading or lounging. Also, these gaps could become especially convenient if some activities overrun.

Be careful with making the necessary bookings

There could be many things that you need to book or reserve during your preparation. Flights are an obvious example, but you might also see a need for a mini-van to transport your group from the airport to the hotel.

Now, there’s another essential to consider – the hotel. Would you like the group’s hotel rooms to be adjoining? If so, book those rooms well in advance. You could peruse the Toprooms website in your search for accommodation that satisfies various vital criteria.

Keep communication channels clear

Since the group’s members could often disperse to enjoy separate events or activities, you should make sure that these people can continue effectively communicating with each other. You could give everyone access to the complete itinerary by storing it with a cloud service like Google Drive which the different members could then all access on their phones.

Also, everyone should agree on precisely what to do should the group ever be accidentally separated; this could spare much confusion and anguish later on.

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