Organize Your Destination Wedding To 3 Places

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Destination weddings are a huge trend right now. Destination weddings combine the beauty and adventure of visiting a beautiful place that you have never been to before with the excitement of having a unique wedding designed by them, for them, and sharing them with those closest to them.

We have put together a checklist for you that will make things easier for you. This list is based on the experiences of hundreds of professionals and wedding couples. However, take the tips that apply to you and leave the rest. This is your wedding and there is no wrong way to put one on.

These tips are directed to the couples who plan their destination wedding to Hawaii, Florida, and Ocean City, MD. You can use these tips for going abroad or going to colder climates, by adjusting the clothing options and giving considerations for honeymoon activities.

Tip 1 – Hire A Wedding Planner

  •     You are her focus and she dedicates her time to you.
  •     She has connections in the industry and will be able to tell if the vendor is top rate
  •     She knows how to work with the photographer to ensure he gets prime lighting
  •     She will coordinate to make sure everyone is onboard and ready to perform on time
  •     She protects you from details that would stress you out
  •     She will shop options and advise you of any special arrangements you may need


Your wedding planner is a professional. However, she is not your personal assistant. She is not on call 24/7. She is not your best friend. She is there to do a job. She is not there to listen to your worries or run errands for you. Make sure you have a firm understanding of her on what her responsibilities are and do not abuse that relationship.

Tip 2 – Set up A Crowdfunding Account

This gives your guests the option to gift you with cash or to pay for events in the destination location. You can list whatever you want and your guests are not charged for paying for those things. You may list:

  • Candle-lit dinner on the beach
  • A night in the honeymoon suite
  • A tour of the island
  • A weekend in a resort

Set up your account early and give your family and friends the information and the time to gift you.

Tip 3 – Order your wedding dress by Azazie

Order your dress and your bridesmaid’s dresses at least 6 months before the wedding. You will need time for alterations. Take the climate of your destination into consideration. Take your gowns on the plane in your carry on luggage. This is the one item that could ruin your wedding.

Tip 4 – Plan an itinerary

Some of the resorts have package deals that include everything you need for the wedding. They do the decorating, have the caterer, music, and in some cases the photographer. They will also have information of activities in the area that you can do as a group. By planning the itinerary early, you can budget for it. You also need to determine if the bridal party is going to stay and enjoy the location or if they are leaving soon after the ceremony.

Keep your sense of humor. Things do not always go perfectly even if you get married in your own backyard. Everything is going to work out. If you have to go to a plan B, one day it will be a great memory.

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