My Dream Bathroom

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Ok guys, I know I’ve talked before about how desperate I am to overhaul my bathroom, but today I have a rather self-indulgent blog post for y’all. We’ve been talking about finally getting our bathroom sorted, and I’d love some feedback on my plans.

Firstly, taking a long, hot bath is one of my favourite things to do- particularly when it’s cold outside. I especially love freestanding bathtubs, and I’m hoping to incorporate one of these into our bathroom, depending on if it’ll work with the amount of space we have.


You guys know that I’m a pretty modern girl, which is why I’m hoping to finally do away with our old vanity and find a modern bathroom vanity to fill the space instead. I’m sick of my makeup continually falling off the sides since there’s so little space on my vanity, so we may even go for a double sink vanity with ceramic sinks (so I can also feel free to spread my makeup out on my side).

When I take a bath, I spend at least an hour soaking. I’ll typically grab a glass of wine, some chocolate, a magazine or my kindle, and I love to stock up on Lush bath products since they make me feel like a queen (and I smell amazing afterwards). For this reason, I really need a nice shelf right beside the bath, at the perfect height for me to keep my towel, wine, snacks, and kindle while I’m soaking.

One of my biggest issues when I take a bath is how steamy the room gets. I would really like to get a quiet fan put in, so when I get out of the bath the whole room isn’t soaking wet.

My shower annoys me constantly at the moment, since it has no shelves, that means all of our shower stuff is on the floor, and it constantly gets wet- I’ve had to throw out my Lush face scrub twice, due to mould.

The shower in my dream bathroom will not only be bigger, but it will have plenty of shelves and spaces for all of my shampoo, conditioner, razors, bathscrub, and all my other products. I’m also dreaming of a shower head that gives me decent pressure.

Finally, my dream bathroom will be light and bright. I’m thinking about going with a very pale neutral, and maybe even white or off-white to make the room look bigger. I also definitely need to upgrade the lighting. I’m sick of walking out of the house to find that my makeup has a massive line underneath my chin, which I can’t see in the terrible light in my bathroom.

If you guys are also planning to remodel or renovate your bathrooms, check out Maykke for some good options. You’ll find everything you need for your own dream bathroom!

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