Most Beautiful Island Gems

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The summer is finally here! This means having a great time with friends and family, going on a vacation and experiencing new things that will fresh you up and entertain you. If you haven’t decided where to go for your holiday and you love discovering new places and gaining great memories, then the island list from Sensible Reviewer might be a good idea for you. These places are mostly peaceful and not the most popular ones, but if you are an adventurer searching for amazing nature, views and much more, keep reading and learn about the top island gems to visit.


1.    Guernsey

This place is the second largest one of the Channel Islands. It has a maritime climate and snow and frosts are pretty rare. With its’ rich history, the island of Guernsey will be very interesting and inspiring to history lovers. You also have interesting museums where you can see an Enigma machine, a famous WW2 hardware. It also has organized tours, parks, some amazing beaches, forests and cliffs from which you can have great view.


2.    Ile de Porquerolles

This is a pretty small island near the Côte d’Azur. It is only 7km long, but it offers some beautiful views, great beaches and fun activities. You can find pine forests, vineyards or enjoy snorkeling. However, the big part of the island is actually a national park and therefore there’s a limited visitors number case. But, luckily, you can always book your place on time.


3.    Porto Santo

Porto Santo, an island located in Madeira, is also a small island with the length of only 12km. It’s a great touristic place because it’s full of restaurants and it has smart spas, golf courses and more. Beaches are number one reason that makes this island beautiful. It’s said that its’ golden beaches even have healing powers.


4.    Lopud

Lopud is located in Croatia and it’s a very small place, only 2 miles long. For decades, it’s been used as a hiding place for elite from Dubrovnik. The place is very idyllic, there are no roads and the place is full with sandy beaches. If you love small areas that give you peace and beauty, then going to this Croatian island is an excellent choice for you.


5.    Kastellorizo

Kastellorizo is an island located east of Rhodes, very close to Turkish coast. What makes it different is the fact that there are no beaches here. Instead of that, it offers a different type of fun – snorkeling, because of all the rocky grottos you can find. The main part of the island is a quiet and peaceful village with tavernas.

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