How to make sure your car is tip top for winter driving?

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How to make sure your car is tip top for winter driving?

The cold and icy winter weather can spell all kinds of trouble for motorists. From frozen windscreens on your morning drive to icy roads that can cause road traffic accidents, you need to be prepared to tackle bad weather. Here, used car finance experts The Trade Centre Wales walk you through essential car care tips:


The first step to any winter car care plan is to buy some cans of de-icer or antifreeze. Frosted windows are a nightmare to deal with in the morning, and are especially dangerous if you try and drive without fully clearing your screen. You may also need to spray it into your locks to open the car.

Keep gloves

Store a good pair of gloves in your glovebox that have some form of grip on them. Whether you use them to grip a cold can of de-icer in the morning or to grip your steering wheel, they’re a great way to keep your hands warm and therefore nimble. Keep them in your car so you don’t forget about them.

Top up your engine oil

Check your engine oil levels before setting off on longer journeys, as running out of oil can be a disastrous experience when you’re away from a garage. You can always buy an extra bottle of oil to take on a trip in case you spring a engine leak. However, you’ll need to make sure it’s the correct grade.

Ensure your tyres are up to scratch

How to make sure your car is tip top for winter driving?

Make sure your tyres meet the standards for tread depth. Check it using a 20p inserted in the tread. If you can see any of the outer ring once inserted, you need to replace your tyres. Poor tread depth can lead to skidding and other accidents, as well as fines and penalty points.

You will also need to check your tyre pressure to ensure you meet the standard level of bar or PSI. Under and overinflated tyres cause up to 40% of all road accidents, so make sure your tyres are correct. Ensure you also check the spare tyre for this.

Pack an emergency kit

Due to the bad weather, sometimes even your best preparations can’t prevent disasters. If you breakdown or find yourself in difficulty, you’ll need a few items to minimise the impact. Here are some of the essentials you should have in your boot to help you cope with emergencies:

  • Small shovel – For digging your car out of snowdrifts.
  • Spare warm clothing – There’s no telling how long a breakdown might last. Store some warm clothing in your boot so you’re prepared to withstand a cold night.
  • Car blanket – Again, you may need to spend a night waiting to be rescued. This will keep you warm.
  • First aid kit – Self-explanatory.
  • Small torch – For inspecting your car in the dark.
  • High vis jacket – If you need to leave your vehicle at night, this can help you avoid accidents.
  • Emergency food, if you’re on a long trip.
  1. How to make sure your car is tip top for winter driving?

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