A Look at the Best and Most Popular Beaches in Zante Island, Greece

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Greece is known for its beautiful beaches and coves, with each beach or cove featuring some of the most sparkling blue waters in the Mediterranean and the Ionian. But if you want something a little more than ordinary on your Greek holiday, you may want to think about a visit to Zante (or Zakynthos) Island, which has its share of stunning beaches, caves, and coves that can certainly take your breath away. So, what are the beaches that make Zante a truly spectacular Greek holiday destination? Let’s have a look.


Navagio Beach or Shipwreck Beach

Navagio Beach, otherwise called Shipwreck Beach (due to the abandoned cargo boat on its shore), is perhaps the most iconic beach of Zante. It’s one of the most photographed beaches in Greece, at least, and lots of tourists visit the beach by car or boat. Even though it’s almost always packed, it’s still one of the best beaches you will ever find in Zante and all of Greece.


Kalamaki Beach

The beach of Kalamaki is closest to the airport, and it’s one of the most developed beaches in Zante. Here, you won’t be disappointed with the range of establishments offering cold drinks and food, and it has plenty of other facilities dedicated to tourists.


Agios Nikolaos Beach

 If you want to go scuba diving, then Agios Nikolaos Beach is a must-visit beach. It’s famous for water sports and other water-related activities, and it’s about 32 kilometres to the northwest of Zante Town.


Porto Vromi Beach

 For those who want to get away from it all (even for just a day), then a visit to Porto Vromi beach, about 37 kilometres away from Zante Town, is a must. Porto Vromi Beach is just the scene for a romantic interlude, with its secluded location and its rocky and verdant green landscape.


Banana Beach

 A beautiful beach like Banana Beach shouldn’t be missed, either. This long stretch of beach is arguably one of the most stunning Zante has to offer, and it’s also well-organised with plenty of amenities and water sports activities.


Laganas Beach

Granted, Laganas Beach is, more often than not, filled with sun-worshippers. But due to its size, it can easily accommodate tourists and locals and it is also very organised, with water sports facilities as well as lots of beach bars on the shoreline. It has a diving club as well, and it’s a popular spot for families.

If you really want to get the ultimate thrill on your Zante holiday, there’s one other thing you should experience: an authentic Zante boat party from one of the island’s premier boat party organisers.  With a boat party, you can dance the night away and drink to your heart’s content whilst experiencing Zante’s glorious sunset and go on a tour of its many beaches.

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