Invitation Tips for a Destination Wedding

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Some rituals in every wedding anywhere in the world are old-fashioned, complex and not really necessary to follow. Today, more and more couples are setting themselves free from these unnecessary traditions. A destination wedding is a big support for these type of couples. The destination wedding does not force you to unfollow your rituals, it just means that couple gets a chance to plan their wedding the way they want and at their desired place.

In a destination wedding, a huge responsibility is the invitation because it may happen that everyone from your guest list might not attend your destination wedding either because they forget to attend or have some other commitments. That’s why passport wedding invitations are so much in existence nowadays. Here some of the essential tips are described which will set you free from all tensions related to your destination wedding.

Save the Date Announcement

Saving the date announcement is very crucial when it is about the destination wedding. It helps your guests, relatives, and friends to remember the date of your wedding. This way if they have any other plans during your wedding time, they can postpone or prepone it. Usually, the appropriate time for saving the date announcement is 6 months ahead of your wedding. This will act as an advance notice which will give enough time for travel preparation.

Official Invitation 3 Months Before the wedding

To diminish the gap between wedding date and save the date announcement, an official invitation should be given 3 months prior to the wedding. This will remind them again of your wedding date and act as a final call to all your guests for doing any type of travel preparations. To serve this purpose, mountain wedding invitations are the best.

Travel Information for Guests

When it comes to sending travel information to guests for your destination wedding, prefer sending details as a travel information guide via mail and it should have the information like which airports they need to reach, will they require any rental cars and the time duration required to complete the trip. The information about accommodation and wedding venue should also be added in the travel information guide. Through this guide, guests can also be informed about any welcome party (if any) when they arrive at the destination. Similarly, if there is any farewell ceremony after the wedding, you can add the details about that also.

Provide Regular Updates

It is very important to provide regularly all the necessary updates to all your guests about any changes made. In fact, any changes made from the time of saving the date announcement to the time of wedding should definitely be told to all the concerned persons. There are many guests who either prepone or postpone their important tasks because of your wedding. If you are doing any changes in your destination wedding and not updating them on time, for them, the joy of your wedding will vanish. Regular updates also help your guests to remember your wedding and remain prepared.

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