Don’t rely on free WIFI when abroad, here’s some great mobile data deals

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You may be the sort of person that check their phone once when they are on holiday to let people know they got home ok, or you may be the sort of person who is on Instagram every five minutes making everyone jealous of what a fabulous holiday you are having, but whatever one of these categories you fall into, you will still need to try and save as much money as possible when using your phone abroad. Because you cannot always rely on WiFi, especially in remote places, you can find out what deals there are available to you to be able to make the most of your 3G or 4G while out of the country. Although they are trying to phase our EU roaming charges, with the uncertainty around Brexit there is no telling if this will actually happen. So here are some of the best mobile data deals if you want to use your phone in another country. Some of the deals available at the moment not only give you unlimited roaming while abroad, but also let you make use of UK calls and texts. The main thing to remember while looking for a good deal, is to call up your existing provider and see what they have on offer first.


Virgin Mobile – Roam Like Home

The ‘Roam Like Home’ deal from Virgin Mobile aims to give the customer the exact same price plan they are charged in the UK. With options for usage in 170 countries, you can more or less go to any of your favourite holiday destinations and use your Virgin Mobile as usual. You can use calls, UK texts and even data at exactly the same cost as the UK. There is even the option of a data cap so that you do not unwittingly go over your allowance while you are away enjoying yourself and not checking your bill.

EE – 4GEE Max Plan

As of the 10th May 2017, anyone on the EE network which includes Orange and T -Mobile has been able to use their data roaming abroad at the same price they have in the UK. As well as this, there is a plan from EE that gives you the option to use data roaming in many more countries than other UK mobile providers do. While most UK mobile phone providers only cover countries in the EU if they are letting you use your data at normal price, the 4Gee max plan also covers the US, Australia, Canada, Mexico and New Zealand. With the 4GEE max plan, you can also use your UK calls and texts at the normal rate.

The plan itself varies in price depending on what handset you want, but if you travel a lot for work or just pleasure then it is definitely something that can benefit you.

Three Mobile – Feel At Home

If you are already a Three mobile customer, you may already be aware of this promotion which has been heavily promoted on television and also on social media, using the hashtag #holidayspam. The premise of the ‘Feel at Home’ promotion is that for six months starting in June 2017, Three mobile customers can use their normal tariffs abroad without any extra charges. The great thing about this promotion for Three mobile in their mobile data deals is that both Pay Monthly and Pay As You go customers can take advantage of it. Many mobile providers make the mistake of only letting pay monthly customers take advantage of roaming offers, which doesn’t hep pay as you go customers at all, as their credit will be diminished very quickly due to the charges.

As well as letting both types of customer, Three mobile currently have 60 countries where you can get this offer. The Feel at Home destinations include most of the popular tourist destinations in the EU countries, but there are also other countries that are popular with business travellers or people going away for a bit longer than just a holiday. These include:


– Australia

– Germany

– Portugal

– Greece

– Brazil

– Singapore

– Aland Islands

– French Guiana


– Martinique

– Réunion

– Saint Barthélem

– Saint Martin

– San Marino.


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