Chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean

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Made up of over 1460 islands, the Mediterranean is a host of endless exploration and discovery for a traveller, and what better way to explore them than from the comfort of a yacht? With each port and dock there is something new to see for everyone, whether you wish to see a historical landmark, a bustling city, a collection of fine restaurants, or a town with a renowned night life, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

Home to some of the world’s most luxury yachts, the array of yacht harbours along the pristine blue coastlines go to show how sought after the area is for yacht chartering. But don’t think the whole of the Mediterranean coast is lined with harbours and ports, as there are quiet areas too, perfect for those who want to go off the grid and experience total relaxation and privacy on their Yacht holidays.


Eastern Mediterranean

Spanning across the meeting of Eastern and Western civilization, the Eastern Mediterranean hosts some of the most surprising secluded anchorages. This region includes mainland and island Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

Chartering in the Eastern Mediterranean region offers the opportunity to experience a broad variety of cultures and scenery. You could visit the island of Santorini for a day, where donkeys are the main mode of transportation, or enjoy some boutique shopping along the ports, followed by the amazing nightlife of the island of Mykonos.

Cruising in popular holiday destination Turkey, offers access to a coastline that looks made to be sailed. Chartering a yacht in the region allows you to go beyond the day boats and fully immerse yourself in the serenity of the countries national parks. With some parts of the mainland still protected from development, these areas are often only accessible by sea. While in Turkey, why not arrange to charter a Turkish Gullet? the traditional yacht of the region, for a truly authentic experience.


Western Mediterranean

The Western Mediterranean is home to the greatest concentration of yachts in Europe, as well as the most breath-taking scenery. Chartering in the West provides access to wonderful cities such as Monaco, St Tropez, Naples, and Bonnafacio, providing a contrasting abundance of natural beauty that’s in easy reach from a yacht.

Explore the crystal white beaches in Corsica, before a short sail to the pink sands of Sardinia’s national parks. Come the evening, you can dine amongst the winding streets of Taormina and Syracuse, immersing yourself in the surrounding ancient history.

The style of cruising in the Western Mediterranean is one of barefoot luxury, decadent but distinctly relaxed. The Captain can give you a tour around the idyllic coasts and find secret anchorages, while you enjoy a delicious meal onboard produced by your private chef, absorbing the landscapes surrounding your yacht all the while.



yacht cuisine

When in the Mediterranean, you must try the cuisine. The fresh sea food and full flavours range throughout, from the Turkish feasts to the delicate tastes of Sicily, the variety will be a sensation to your taste buds. Chartering a yacht means you can stop off anywhere you wish along the coastline and experience the varying flavours the Mediterranean has to offer.

For those who appreciate fine wine, we highly recommend booking a wine tasting experience in the beautiful South of France, the home and motherland of fine wine. Whatever your preference, red, white or sparkling it’s all there and will be like nothing you’ve had before.



The Mediterranean climate is perfect for chartering a yacht, and not just in summer. In the summer seasons, you are pretty much guaranteed ideal weather, with bright blue seas reflecting the hot flare of the sun. However, moving into October, the Mediterranean can still provide us with warm destinations like Rome for example.

Rome is a perfect destination for those wanting to get away over the winter months. With ancient history including the colosseum, roman forum and the Vatican, complete with a vivacious culture and amazing food, it will be sure not to leave you disappointed.


Must do’s

Croatia and Adriatic

The main perk of chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean is the power of freedom you have to island hop. With so many surrounding islands, it would be rude not to check them out. Islands within miles of each other allow you to travel place to place in hours, meaning the itinerary is inherently flexible.

With the endless destination possibilities, why not make time to have the truly wonderous experience of diving in the Mediterranean?  We recommend you make this a necessity of your trip, the precious wonders of these waters would be wasted if you missed exploring them on your yacht trip. Seeing the deeper picture of the sea armed with a snorkel is a true sight to behold with amazing exotic fish, the likes of which you may have never seen before, so prepare to have your mind blown.

To capture the experience fully we suggest taking an underwater camera or Go-Pro, as you can bet you will get some incredible Instagram worthy images. Of course, an under-water camera is also a great way to document such a colourful holiday and collect footage of your treasure the memories.

If you choose to charter in Croatia, travel to the city of Rovinj, where you will feel like you’ve gone back a hundred years with their quaint fishing ports- which are still in use. You could even get your cc moore fishing gear out and join in with the pro’s! From Croatia you could travel to the glorious Sicily.

Just off from Sicily you will discover the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands, famous for their old historic beauty and volcanic scenery. A Yacht will provide you with the best access to these islands, so feel free to anchor up and climb the mountains and treat your eyes to some incredible scenery.

Malta is in the centre of the Mediterranean sided by Sicily and the north African coast, famous for its historic Roman and Norman past. The megalithic temples of Malta are prehistoric temples, a beautiful piece of architecture left behind, a must see for your yacht adventures.

Gozo, another island that makes up Malta, also has some extraordinary scenery that you should definitely make time to see. With stunning secluded landscapes and coastlines, it’s ideal to relax and go off the grid in. With no cars or urban areas, you can hear and see nature at its finest.


The best place to take a yacht

Greece was voted as the best place to charter a yacht last year, and has maintained that reputation. The ancient historic archaeology, and rugged coast lines make it one of the best places to look at in the world.  Surrounded by warm waters throughout the year, the island is popular all year round with visitors, and there is plenty of activities there to do. With a multitude of famous museums to explore, plus the water park in Agios Loannis, it is a perfect destination for all the family.


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