Why Bike Riding Is Perfect For The Whole Family

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If you ask your kids what they would like to do on a weekend, chances are they would be happy just to stay home and do nothing.  Parents longing for some family togetherness often struggle to find activities that the whole family will enjoy.  If there is a TV show everyone in your family enjoys watching, it can be a great family activity to watch it together.  What about ways to be active together?  Biking is a great, physically active pastime for children and adults.  It feels like fun, not exercise.

Biking Is Both Social and Solitary

Everyone needs to zone out sometimes, and biking is a great way to do it.  It’s pretty hard to converse while biking.  Still, looking ahead of you and seeing different family members during different parts of the ride gives you a feeling of togetherness.  You can converse just enough when you stop to buy a drink at the gas station.  Then you can get back on your cruiser bikes and enjoy your solitude, but also togetherness, again.

Biking Suits All Fitness Levels

No one likes to feel that they are being forced to exercise.  Riding your bike on a bike trail is fun for fitness enthusiasts and couch potatoes alike.  Kids who don’t like being told to get some exercise can still enjoy a bike trail.  Depending on where you live, they can enjoy looking for deer, chipmunks, or alligators.

Riding a ladies bike is a fun and relaxing activity. It lets you spend time with your family without feeling like you are being forced to make conversation.  It is still good exercise, even if you just ride slowly and take in the sights.

A family bike ride is an enjoyable way to spend a weekend or a vacation.

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